Enhance Xbox One Console Cover Review

Neil writes "The Enhance console cover for Xbox One pretty much does as the name suggests - it covers your console. Created from a breathable fabric, with mesh netted sides and back, this cover will keep your Xbox One in pristine condition. You’ll not need to worry about it getting scratched and you’ll not need to worry about getting the duster out every few days in order to give it a spring clean."

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MLGecko336d ago

Dafuq? The equivalent to grandma putting a plastic cover on her couch.

TargusX335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Yes but useful is you have mates over who like to throw beer over the place bro. Amazon's reviews saying it's worth it - so I'm in.

InMyOpinion335d ago

Sounds like a cage would be more helpful.

Nyxus335d ago

lol! That's pretty funny

xX1NORM1Xx335d ago

It's a dust cover guys they make them for everything I see them used by game collectors on YouTube for consoles they don't use regularly.

porkChop334d ago

Don't buy this. If you absolutely need dust covers, you can actually buy packs of individual vent and fan covers for each USB slot and vent on your console. My brother uses them on his PS4. They blend in unlike this hideous thing.