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Sudden Strike 4 from Kalypso is a solid and challenging WWII RTS experience for both novice and veteran players. The newly added additions such as being able to choose legendary war commanders and the gritty immersive gameplay make it a true standout in the real time strategy genre.

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ContraCode247d ago

I've been meaning to check this one out. I use to love the Command and Conquer series.

BootHammer247d ago

C&C is a great series. You don't do any building in Sudden Strike 4, so it's a little bit different in that aspect. It's purely strategic in how you advance your infantry each mission.

Septic247d ago

Good score for a RTS on console

BootHammer247d ago

Definitely worth your time if you enjoy a fun and challenging RTS!

ocelot07247d ago

Ill be picking this up. But I wish we had a RTS with base building on consoles. Like the old Command & Conquer or Supreme Commander games.

BootHammer247d ago

The command and conquer series is excellent. I have some great memories playing against friends on that one. While Sudden Strike 4 doesn't have base building, it still has some great skirmishes and gameplay packed in there for RTS fans.