Will there be more Uncharted games after The Lost Legacy? (I hope so)

Rossco is a big uncharted fan and is looking forward to Uncharted The Lost Legacy coming to PS4 but wonders if there will be more Uncharted games to come.

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corroios368d ago

I really dont know. This Gen? i Doubt that. ND is already full force at TLOU2, the hype is out of this world... Maybe with the PS5.

Relientk77368d ago

I'm expecting a new IP from Naughty Dog after The Last of Us 2. So if we are getting more Uncharted, don't think it will be for awhile

Rimeskeem366d ago

I would like Naughy Dog to go into uncharted territories again.

I'll let you interpret what that means.

Neonridr368d ago

I dunno.. I would rather ND go out and do something else after The Last of Us 2. Spread their wings and give us a new masterpiece. I think Drake has had enough adventures for now..

RommyReigns367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Drake has been awesome and he's earned his retirement, maybe his daughter can go on adventures but if there is another Uncharted game, another team within Sony's development team gets a crack at it. Naughty Dog is moving on to the Last of Us 2 and then probably that Space game they regularly hinted at.