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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

It’s far far far from being the “new Chrono Trigger,” like some may have said, but it’s definitely not a bad JRPG, and definitely not a bad first JRPG for the Switch.

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MLGecko335d ago

Just got my Switch a week or so ago. So far just have Zelda and Sonic...

lptmg335d ago

this is a good game but overpriced

_-EDMIX-_334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

way, way, waaaaaay overpriced. Shame on Square. Its a great game, but the price I seen for the Switch version is just robbery.

I'd suggest folks wait til its cheaper and buy it used. Its a fun JRPG, but I could never tell someone to buy it at theses prices

This is just shameful...smh.

Does Switch have their online store up? Could they not get this digital or is it the same price or something?

lptmg334d ago

EDMIX, the eShop is up and the prices are the same, sadly. It was on sale a while ago but it was still like 30 bucks

Jinger335d ago

Wasn't this game originally released a while ago?

TekoIie334d ago

No problem with a late review. If anything it lends more credibility to it.

lptmg334d ago

especially after the game finally got a less absurd price on the eShop