Life is Strange Before the Storm's Platinum trophy requires you to buy the deluxe edition

In what I can only call a serious misjudgment on the part of the developers the developers of Life is Strange: Before the Storm have placed a trophy in the game that only players who buy the deluxe edition can...

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MLGecko247d ago

The base game is priced for the number of episodes. If they do not release Farewell as Stand-Alone then I will agree with the article. But if they release it then it is simply a chapter like any other and has trophies like any other.

rainslacker247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

If the game has a plat, regardless of structure of the games release, that platinum can't be locked behind a specific version of the game. Hence, the bonus episode will have to be made available to everyone at some point.

Sony's and MS compliance requires this.

Any trophy that is based on bonus content can not be used within the allocated structure for platinum requirements. Any bonus content(this, DLC like left behind in TLOU, etc) has to have it's own segmented trophy list like you see which can net you a platinum, but keep your percentage below 100%. This means the bonus chapter has to be part of the actual game on release.

Episodic games aren't exempt from this rule, however, they do allow the platinum requirements to be spread out over several episodes.

n1kki6246d ago

Just curious on a source, I would like to read more about the trophy/achievement requirements.

rainslacker246d ago

It's part of Sony's compliance standards available to developers. I'm not aware of a public document available for anyone to read, as there is some sensitive information about the system and what not in it. Since I develop i am privy to such things, and have read through their compliance standards for my work.

I'm not even sure me saying what I did isn't some breach of NDA, but since I've talked about various aspects of it in the past in somewhat general terms, it's probably not a problem. My bosses would have called me out long ago if I did so, and Sony could easily find out who I am and who I work for it it was a problem. Generally, I don't mention such things except to bring some insight into the reasons why things may be the way they are also, and never in a way to disparage against the companies....which I see no reason to do.

MLGecko244d ago

Which leads me to believe this episode WILL be available. It is an episodic game, this is an episode. If you buy episode 1,2,3 and 5... you will not get a Plat. This is no different... IF they release Farewell to everyone.

rainslacker244d ago

Apparently it was a mistake, so they're going to remove that as a requirement for the plat. I'd imagine the trophy list will get updated, and you'll end up seeing it as a DLC trophy like you would for that kind of thing...which means you can get the plat, but can't get 100% without the addon content. In which case, they may not release it separate, although it seems kind of silly not to offer it to those that may want it down the road.

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Whoa! Now that's skanless...

bluefox755247d ago

Wouldn't waste my time with this game anyway.

modelgod246d ago

It's a decent game. It has a cult lIke following and it's cool to watch people stream it because they are reacting to real life situations. I live in NY so it's cool to take a journey through the NW Americana.

shammgod247d ago

I am waiting for the complete package when it will be (inevitably) released. I can't stand to wait for the next episode

MLGecko247d ago

Agree. I rarely do but decided to drop down for this one Day 1 since they gave out Season 1 for free

FullmetalRoyale247d ago

It's hella lame. Now there's no way I'd miss out on the bonus episode as a fan. But that is still a bad move, if true.

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