We Happy Few Gets Final Major Update Before April Launch

The developers at Compulsion Games have released the last major Early Access update for the dystopian stealth/survival game We Happy Few ahead of the project’s release on April 13, 2018. Called ‘Life in Technicolour’, the update makes some radical alterations to the gameplay balance, world design, and NPC AI to set the stage for further "significant changes" to come.

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instantstupor154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

But you can spend $60 on it knowing you won't get any updates for nearly a year. I know other games are able to be preordered forever before they are available, but that is mainly a store decision, not developer. In this case, they say "buy our $60 extended demo (their words), one which consists of the same content as the one you got a few days ago for $30, and wait til April for the actual game that costs $60".

Given that is the devs stance, I find it...somewhat less acceptable. Nice to get something for the "preorder", but I can't shake the sudden Gearbox publishing & immediate changing of price point as being weird. I think most Early Access titles that slowly ramp up their price as features flow in (a la "Death Road To Canada") have the fairer/more appealing approach.

It all just feels a It feels like Gearbox came in and. while infusing some cash, Compulsion Games now find themselves with a piper needing to be paid. And just so the devs can make what the would have made with no publisher involvement at $30, have now doubled the price to pay that piper. Will that infusion really end up justifying that kind of price-hike? I'm skeptical. Rare is the game I will spend $60 on at launch, but it feels even more of an uphill battle in a situation like this.

I guess we'll see if it is justified in the end with the expanded focus/development on the story content.