ReCore: Definitive Edition is up for pre-order now

A week ago, IndianNoob reported that Microsoft could be soon releasing ReCore’s Definitive Edition that will come with plenty of bug fixes, updated graphics and a new area with a new corebot. Now the game is up for pre-order now.


Pre-order link:

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Sono421359d ago

This game wasn't even that good though... still wouldn't say it was worth it even though I only payed $40

Gman32360d ago

I'll be picking this up

FITgamer360d ago

Honestly surprised they did this considering how bad the original sold.

Zero_Suit_Samus360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

It’s one of Phil Spencer’s favorite new IP what did you expect? At least that’s what he said on Twitter. Lol

FITgamer360d ago

I bought it, not completely terrible, but not worth spending an extra $20 for patches. Hell I didn't even pay that much for the base game. Got it for $13 on CD Keys.

TankCrossing360d ago

@fitgamer it is a free update for anyone that already owns the game

FITgamer360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

@TanKCrossing Where are you getting this info? I looked and couldn't find anything about the update being free for existing owners. If that's the case then I guess it makes sense.

Italiano1234567360d ago

Why Does anyone care. It got crap reviews and noone bought it so not really sure why there even doing this

lptmg360d ago

not a bad game at all. It just needed extra polishing

jmetalhead77812360d ago

Yeah, getting past the issues(which were very frustrating at times) I actually really liked the game. The potential was definitely there. So, I'm definitely gunna pick this up. Looking forward to it

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The story is too old to be commented.