A 480Hz Monitor has Been Spotted

Gamer's Nation talks about the alleged 480Hz Monitor

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Erik7357189d ago

Good luck running this for awhile. I'm just trying to get stable 144hz in games like overwatch at 1440p on a gtx1080

Eonjay188d ago

So obviously, no rig can run modern games that fast, and secondly, what do you do when tech overtakes human ability to appreciate it.

ONESHOTV2188d ago

165hz here and i won't have any need for this unless it's in 4k with gsync

Rimeskeem188d ago

Jesus Christ can you just buy me one?

ONESHOTV2188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

are you selling your arm and leg? because I'm in the business lol

bluefox755188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Is there a point? Have watched tech videos that seem to imply that the average gamer can't even tell the difference between 60hz and 120hz. With increasing diminishing returns, I can't imagine many would benefit from this in the slightest. Perhaps it has other, non-gaming applications?

zivtheawesome188d ago

there is no reason for that. the time that takes for your brain to get the picture from the eyes, to the brain, then understanding the image and only then ordering the body to react gives your body a speed of 240~250hz and TBH the difference for most people between 120 ~ 240 is so small that it doesn't matter anyway (i'm okay with pc gaming at 60 and even at 30 for console games so really overkill on another level.)

nowitzki2004188d ago

I have 144hz and really do not see a need beyond that at all.

Usperg184d ago

Yes you can ........

Trust me dude when you have been playing at 60hz for a long time and step up to 144hz and War Thunder was the first game for my transition and i was..... "WOW"

You will NEVER blink an eye at 60hz again !!!