Playing Path of Exile on Xbox One, From the Perspective of a Diablo 3 Player

Having spent several hours with the Xbox One beta, Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile for Xbox One is a port worth getting excited about. First off it looks incredible and runs at a rock-solid frame-rate. In fact, with news dropping recently that the game will be enhanced for the upcoming Xbox One X console to support 4K visuals, those that were expecting a noticeable visual downgrade from the current PC release are in for a surprise. Path of Exile on a vanilla Xbox One features the same great visual and effect detail as seen in the PC release.

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meka2611337d ago

While I agree I love the game, the stable framerate is not true, at least for right now. I played the single player a good bit and saw no framerate lag, until I started to build a house and then the framerate got really really bad. Online the framerate is more stable which is weird. But it's still early so they can fix it, but you are right game is great, survival game done right.

toadovsky336d ago

Yeah I didn't really do any of the house stuff... pretty much started fresh and got through to near the end of Act IV... didn't experience any lag at all....

Cmv38337d ago

Really hoping this comes to ps4 so i can give my judgment. I didn't enjoy playing it on pc with the controls.

Perjoss337d ago

That's not surprising, Diablo 3 plays so much better on PS4 that it does on PC, just my opinion. And for some strange reason last time I checked they refuse to add controller support to the PC version.

SilentSolid336d ago

While it works well on the controller, it's a bit finicky to aim exactly where you want with ranged attacks and abilities.

joab777337d ago

This and PUB could be enough to keep X1X relevant for a bit, especially within the hardcore gaming community. PoE is a very good game, it's drawback being that it is generally not for the casual player.