Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review – who needs Nathan Drake? | The Guardian

As Nadine and Chloe take over the franchise, the Lost Legacy offers up all the thrills, spills and puzzles we’ve come to expect and is better for passing the Bechdel test.

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FallenAngel1984246d ago

Aye man chill. It's just a standalone spinoff. Until we see a numbered Uncharted game featuring a different starring character, you can't say someone is wrestling the spotlight away from Nathan.

AspiringProGenji246d ago

Awesome scores all around. I guess ND delivered with this duo in the end, as some reviews have pointed out.

Einhander1971244d ago

ND know how to design believable characters and compelling stories, amazing gameplay. The strong characters they design doesn't start and end with Nathan Drake even though he is a great character. The reviews are proof of that.