July NPD Numbers Bring Rise In Hardware Sales As Nintendo Leads The Pack

The NPD Group has released the hardware sales for July and to really nobody's surprise, we have seen a rise in the category.The rise can be attributed to the Nintendo Switch.

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indysurfn394d ago

Awesome for Nintendo. Also awesome for the industry. Looks like year to date Sony is leading. And Nintendo SWITCH is helping the push to increase the gaming industry by adding to the pile and leading the month of July. Nintendo was able to increase production.

Erik7357396d ago

But the artificial demand how did it outsell them?

bluefox755394d ago

PS4 is 4 years old, would be pretty pathetic if a new Nintendo console couldn't outsell a 4 year old console, no?

AKR394d ago

I find it funny that you use this argument. When the last two NPD reports came out showing that PS4 outsold the Switch, I saw a lot of people hollering that the Switch is a failure.


dantesparda394d ago

Switch barely outsold it (it only outsold it by 5k units). Last month the PS4 outsold it by 166K units, so dont get to excited.

Jan: 210,665
Feb: 398,407
Mar: 396,726
Apr: 206,247
May: 187,182
Jun: 381,196
July: 217,000

Jan: 157,545
Feb: 215,418
Mar: 243,514
Apr: 109,950
May: 109,130
Jun: 153,389
July: 110,000-120,000

Mar: 910,545
Apr: 280,897
May: 165,038
Jun: 215,582
July: 222,000

Erik7357394d ago

What's even more pathetic is a 4 year old console doesn't even have a higher rated exclusive than the 1 year old console Nintendo Switch


Phill-Spencer394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

to be fair, zelda is a multiplatform, not switch exclusive, so something like uncharted 4 would be the top rated "exclusive" on the latest consoles afaik. 🤐

But yeah it's pretty amazing that switch got botw from day one, followed by splatoon a short bit later and imo topped by the incredibly looking mario odysee later this year.

394d ago
Phill-Spencer394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

That is how i see it. I'm a primary playstation gamer with lots of love for nintendo and i don't give a damn if switch sells better or ps4 on a monthly basis or vice versa. As long as ms doesn't have succes with their pr lying, smear campaigning, deceiving, focus on multiplayer and micro transactions and general laziness when it comes to their own software output - in short, their overall missmanagement of their once (during the og xbox days and a few years of the 360) promising brand, then i'm fine! Would be happy though if ms would finally get their sh!+ together and show some real commitment again. That will be the day i will support them again!

DARK_WOLF394d ago

Wow. You guys are pathetic AF

indysurfn394d ago

Bluefox755 that was irrational. Your sales INCREASE the longer your on the market! Only exception being the LAUNCH MONTH. That is why PS4 has sold MORE every year and will next year. You just dont want to give credit where it is due.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory394d ago

Idk ask N4G Switch haters lol

Dark_Knightmare2394d ago

Chill dude just be happy for Nintendo and move on or someone might bring up how the leaked numbers showed PS4 and the switch neck and neck with the switch barely coming out ahead

Erik7357394d ago

But it is known that Nintendo is struggling with the demand so the potential to have even higher numbers is there with production increase

segamaniaco394d ago

From 2018 ahead, switch will skyfall forever

Metroid is not popular

Erik7357391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Pokemon rpg is and it's bigger than anything Sony has or ever will

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Razzer394d ago

PS4 finally has some competition.

Munnkyman394d ago

Nice just shows the industry is going strong

OffRoadKing394d ago

lol, just curious how do you sell consoles you claimed were sold out and out of stock everywhere?

Theknightofnights394d ago

Simple, when stock is replenished it quickly sells out again. Luckily I've been seeing more stock in stores the last couple weeks.

Prince_TFK394d ago

I hope Nintendo had solved the stock issue by now. The Switch is a great piece of tech coupled with great games as well, so people that haven't got it yet deserve to have it.

_-EDMIX-_394d ago


I was about to say. I'd assume somethings selling out, means its selling.

I'm not sure why he doesn't understand that.

I think he is assuming "sold out" as in none are coming in at all. I think many are confusing selling out upon shipment with sold out zero are coming.

AKR394d ago

Obvious: The stock issues are beginning to subside. Nintendo stated weeks ago that it would be trying its best to increase production. It takes a while for the changes to become evident, but it appears that things are beginning to balance out, at least for now.

The 10th Rider394d ago

Until Mario hits, LOL.

In all honesty though, the best time to find a Switch this year will likely be over the next couple months . . . Since Nintendo's started to get a better grip on stock but Mario hasn't hit yet and it's before the holiday craze. Once Mario hits and we get closer to the holidays I imagine the console will be hard to find again.

Prince_TFK394d ago

Or until Pokemon hits...the sale is gonna be crazy.

_-EDMIX-_394d ago

@10th- Mario and Pokemon is going to be crazy for this system.

Those are just HUGE sellers.

I won't care for them though, Animal Crossing and SMTV is what is getting me on Switch.

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