[Video Chums] Agents of Mayhem - Open world action with a lot of Seoul

Considering there are so many big-budget sandbox titles out there, it takes a lot for one to stand out. Is Agents of Mayhem's large cast of characters appealing enough to make it worthwhile? Board the Ark and let's find out.

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crazyaejay367d ago

Dude, this game is so much fun. Highly underrated.

Tech5366d ago

the game currently has bugs and performance issues. and the switching from gameplay to a Ben10 like cartoon, i would have liked more real-time cinemas instead.

BLizardXD366d ago

"The PC version seems quite demanding as our GTX 1080 could not maintain a steady 60 fps with ultra settings and a full HD resolution."

"PS4 Pro videos added, one of them analysing the framerate. Sadly, it's unlocked with no way to lock it at 30 while the game can never really reach 60. Why?"

game can't even sustain 60fps on any platform. bargain bin game for sure.

crazyaejay366d ago

I hear Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing now has a patch for 60fps. GOTY!

Krysis365d ago

One of the worst games of all time, but 60 fps and it's a day 1 buy.