Valve Tightens The Noose on Steam’s “Fake Games”

Valve speaks out about a perceived shift in Steam key distribution as Valve continues its fight against so-called "Fake Games".

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Okay I read this but I'm not really understanding it can somebody break it down until layman's terms

ichizon367d ago

Valve provides keys to their partners/developers/publishers for free, so that they can sell them on other sites than Steam's own store.

Some partners abuse this system by requesting a bunch of keys for bad games that barely sell copies and have negative reviews, and using these keys on "fake" accounts to earn free trading cards. Valve does not like this abuse of their system and is trying to figure out how they can better combat this, putting trading restrictions on new accounts and perhaps not giving out 500.000 free keys for a game that sold 100 copies.

lelo2play367d ago

Valve normally receives 30% of every game sold in Steam. Valve's partners/developers/publishers ask for keys then sell them at sites like G2A at a cheaper price. Valve doesn't see a cent from those keys sold.

Basically, some games use Valve's service for free. Valve has all the expenses (bandwidth, store maintenance, etc) with little to no return.

ibrake4naps367d ago

Fake games? Like CNN, the game??

chris235367d ago

but there are no nintendo games on steam? what is he going on about?
--> just kidding. really.