Is an ‘Uncharted’ film really necessary?

First conceived way back in 2008, only one short year after the release of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on PS3, a big screen adaptation of Naughty Dog’s iconic action-adventure series has been in the works for almost a decade now.

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OffRoadKing454d ago

No absolutely not, I pray they dont do it, but Hollywood is stupid and greedy and happy to ruin a good thing.

VersusDMC454d ago

I don't know about greedy... Don't videogame movies kinda bomb these days? Uncharted is just a way for Sony to make an Indiana Jones movie without having to pay top dollar for Harrison Ford. And I don't think it will ruin anything. Resident evil movies suck and people still love the games.

Since uncharted is done... Either the movie is great and successfull and naughty dog makes another game due to the popularity boost or it sucks and nothing changes.

OffRoadKing454d ago

Yes Hollywood is greedy and nothing good could come from this.

attilayavuzer454d ago

The problem I see is that there's no way that the movie will be better than just watching all of the cut scenes one after another. Nolan's voice is too central to the series. Maybe if Naughty Dog collaborated with a studio on a cg Uncharted film it'd work. Something along the lines of TinTin.

InTheZoneAC454d ago

It's not necessary, but I would gladly watch it. I'm hoping it's not some poor quality unclear representation like the Assassin's Creed movie. Do it right!

_-EDMIX-_454d ago

I know right, is any game necessary? Is someone dying over this? lol

Silly gameAr454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

Exactly. EDMIX. It's all for entertainment in the end. I, for one would like to see a Last of Us film. I would also like to see Bloodborne made into an anime, but that's just me. Shhhhh. Can't tell anyone else because it's a no no.

SegaGamer454d ago

The people that will be interested most would be the fans, but the fans have the game, why would they want some crappy movie ?


Yeah it is but I think it was called Indiana Jones in the 80's

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