Nintendo Switch Is Back In Stock At Toys "R" Us

Nintendo Switch is back in stock at Toys "R" Us according to a tweet sent out by retailer yesterday morning. Quantities will be limited.

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modelgod281d ago stock at Toys R Us of all places, I'm pretty sure that's the perfect spot for hardcore gamers to go snatch up a Switch. Do they still have Toys R Us? I thought it was extinct? Living in an EXTREMELY fast paced city; one that never sleeps, I see things come and go all too quickly. I rarely have to toooooo....oh that's right, play Zelda in the " GO"!! This console is a joke! !

Kun_ADR281d ago

.......what did I just read?

LastCenturyRob281d ago

What's the point of...whatever it is you tried to write? The console is no joke..If you played it you would understand.

Erik7357281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Mad cause the joke of a console in its first year already has a higher rated game than a ps4 ever had ? That's pretty bad tbh

Elda281d ago

It's been in stock at Target where I live for a while now.

chris235281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

finally, now they can start their true reign of the market *biteshislibuntilitbleedssodoe sn'tstartlaughingoutloudand upsetfans*