Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's launch roster has been fully revealed

It's official, folks! Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's launch roster has been fully revealed.

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moegooner88305d ago

Seems like no Xmen after all :(

MLGecko304d ago

For bailing Marvel out of chapter 11?

zeal0us304d ago

Fox don't own the rights to the characters when it comes to video games. Marvel(Disney) don't want to promote characters they don't have movie rights too. That or Crapcom have them plan as dlc.

Liqu1d304d ago

Blame Marvel. They could use Xmen if they wanted to.

ZaWarudo304d ago

Blame Disney. Marvel was nowhere near as petty about the X-Men and F4 characters until Disney bought out Marvel.

304d ago
Hillrywonpopvote304d ago

Both sides have bad characters but one is way worse than the other.

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troylazlow304d ago

or they will be in "Ultra Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite"

The 10th Rider304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Nah, it wouldn't surprise me if they were entirely absent.

Look at the roster for Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2:

Compare it to the characters from the first game:

Obviously not all character for the second game are confirmed, but they've literally taken the fantastic four and X-men entirely out of the main lineup of the game. The Fantastic Four and the X-Men both featured prominently in the first game's story. In the second game, pretty much all the advertising has centered around characters from Disney's MCU.

DLC will likely be characters in Marvel's upcoming film lineup. Loki, the Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Ant-Man, War Machine, Vision, Mordo, Wasp, etc . . .

This is utter BS and I'm not getting my hopes up for Square Enix's Marvel games until Disney gets their s*** together.

The 10th Rider304d ago

To add:
After reading around a bit it appears Venom, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Iron Fist, and Winter Soldier are rumored/have been leaked as DLC on the Marvel side. No X-Men or Fantastic 4 rumored whatsoever.


Naw, Disney would rather the world forget about them than be reminded how beloved they are.

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derkasan305d ago

Lots of repeat characters.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_08305d ago

It's official that i'm passing this game due to no X-Men characters and no good Capcom characters in it.
Just the same as MVC3!

Maddens Raiders304d ago

Me too and I have been waiting forever for this to release. This is a huge fucking disappointment. I just don't understand gaming or game development any more it seems. The obvious shit is not obvious and the obvious stuff that is, is usually left out and never added or the end user is forced to pay for it. Bullshit. Oh well back to BF4.

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