Come on Bloodborne 2, Where Are You?

ScreenCritics Chase takes a look at Bloodborne - wondering where a sequel could improve on the originals exciting gameplay.

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Babadook7248d ago

Agreed. Sony surely realizes this is the next big reveal come e3.

Helios86248d ago

The year ain't over yet.
Could make an appearance at PSX, not necessarily Bloodborne 2 but a Fromsoft game in the same vein IS confirmed to be in development.

ziggurcat248d ago

if they do announce this game, it'll either be at the next PSX or their upcoming presentation at Paris Games Week.

Asuka248d ago

Maybe after the new Armored Core? I know From said they were working on a new Armored Core, so maybe some time after that.

PigsR4Eating248d ago

They have 3 games currently in development. Armored core, a game miyazaki has only described as "weird", and an rpg, described as a game "fans expect from from software."

S-Word248d ago

They won't make a Bloodborne 2. If anything they will make a new IP with the same style of gameplay as Bloodborne and make it multiplatform to get more money from it. It will probably have 3 games with the new IP.

PigsR4Eating247d ago

I don't know if this is confirmed or a rumour, but from software is supposed to have a contract with sony for one or two more exclusives. As far as the next game having three installments, the president of from software was never on board with there being sequels, that was a deal the previous president struck. I would say that there is a small chance we are getting a bloodborne sequel, but more likely as you said we will get a stand alone new ip that is similar to bloodborne/souls.

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The story is too old to be commented.