Fans Are Pissed About Cowboys WR Ryan Switzer's Madden 18 Rating

"In 2015, Donny Moore, the most hated man on the Madden dev team, retired from his role as Rating Czar. It sure seems like the folks over at EA Tiburon could use his input again."

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InTheZoneAC282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Stupid article, this guy is practically a Cole Beasley clone. A 74 isn't top tier for rookies, but draft pick status should never affect that.

Put aside the crying and think for a moment. Each position's overall rating stems from the ratings of several attributes. For a receiver that means catching, route running, speed, acceleration, agility, awareness, and a little of other attributes as well. Switzer is probably rated really high in 3 of those and is solid in other areas.

74 is far from being overrated, just because other teams made lousier picks with their earlier selections has no affect on Switzer.

And this whole time I thought Donny boy was still doing the ratings, god I couldn't stand him

BigWan78282d ago


none of these rookies have yet to prove themselves in the league and fans are wondering how is it that the 144 pick has the quick develop trait over some drafted much higher than him...

HighlyDoubtful282d ago

"none of these rookies have yet to prove themselves"


dcbronco282d ago

The quick development trait might be based on players that were in a Pro style offense in college which he was. So there is much less adjustment needed for those players.