Prey Is Losing Its Demo and Getting a Free Trial Instead

Publisher Bethesda has announced that the recently released "Prey" game will be getting a free trial.

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naruga364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

haha ...i like how this tragedy of this game is continuing .....evey fker ..shouted back then to NOT change the aesthetics and feeling of Prey 2 and not reboot the game ....they didnt listen at all ... ...they released one incredibly huge mediocrity , pouring a big budget to incopetent resources and idiotic uninspired concepts.... now they almost give the game for free...they deserve what it is ha[ppening to them

BrianOBlivion362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Drunk or stroke?

Segata362d ago

Cocaine is a helluva drug!

TheOptimist362d ago

The only thing they did wrong was name a System Shock spiritual successor in the name of a FPS to a pleb crowd. If it had the name SpaceShock everyone knew what they were getting into

Omeganex9999361d ago

Either you didn't play the game or you are really, really stupid.

SolidGear3338d ago

He always dogs on some of the best games

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