New Sea of Thieves Video Talks Windows 10; Shows Game Running on 21:9 Ultra-Wide Screen

Today Rare released a new trailer of its upcoming shared world adventure game Sea of Thieves. The video focuses on the Windows 10 version.

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shaun mcwayne186d ago

Yeah I think they know this game could be really good, it looks like It could play like raids in destiny, lots of communication and various mechanics.

Usperg185d ago

Like raids in Destiny????
There are no raids or no easy or hard instances in SOT, it's a shared open world, you simply get maps n riddles and go find treasure on Islands in the world with your crew while every other ship on the server is doing the same or their own thing or coming after YOUR treasure !!!

FITgamer185d ago

They are doing a 5 day play session next week. Will finally get to play more than hour.