Crackdown 3 Delay Won't Impact Xbox One X Launch Sales, Doesn't Make Any Material Difference:Pachter

It's looking to be a rather dismal year for Microsoft which started out with Scalebound being cancelled, a number of exclusives launching in 2018 and Crackdown 3 dated for November but recently pushed to Spring 2018.

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SpaceRanger312d ago

Everything Pachter states has almost always been the opposite. Doesnt look good for the xbox one x launch.

I can already hear MS at next year's E3:
"We've delivered Xbox One X, and have the most diverse starting lineup since the start of this year..."

(Totally neglecting the fact that they're all delayed game that were used to make the same statement the year before) yet people eat it up and accept it.

gameseveryday312d ago

To be honest, Pachter has a point. Not many people will buy an Xbox One X just for Crackdown 3. They woudld rather buy it for Microsof's huge IPs like Gears and Forza. So I am pretty sure its delay wont affect Xbox One X sales but it sure did hurt Microsoft's line-up for this year.

Ashlen312d ago

It's not helping them that's for sure.

It's not just about people not buying it because It's not launching with Crackdown 3 it's about consumers losing trust in Microsoft due to all the bad press they have created for themselves this year including the delay of Crackdown.

Bigpappy311d ago

Why should a company release a game that they have shown to the public and received 90% negative feedback on? IS it better to release horrible games that nobody wants, or send them back to the developer and tell them to fix all the issues that are being complained about? I don't get why people are saying this delay is bad? How many of these carnival barkers were ready to buy CD3 in it's current state?

stuna1311d ago

What lineup!? Microsoft lineup this year has been abysmal! Anyone saying otherwise has been living in a dream world like Neo in the matrix.

Here's a thought, everyone should have taken the blue pill.

DARK_WOLF311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Its been a pretty crap year for exclusive games on xbox but at least we get the new xbox one x. And the 3rd party lineup of games is stellar this year imo and we getting forza 7.

Hopefully we get some good exclusives next year.

uRaDecepticon311d ago

So why do people buy the PS4 Pro?

bluefox755311d ago

Gears or Halo perhaps, but Forza really isn't a huge seller. At least not this gen.

nix311d ago


Wait, wrong thread.

ZeroX9876311d ago


A delay is fine, just make sure you got other exclusives to support it.

aawells07311d ago

I cant remember when I bought my Pro if there was a launch game or not. It wouldn't have mattered as I didn't have the extra cash after purchasing it get anything additional anyhow. I really doubt very many were getting the X for C3. I know I'm not planning on getting the game as its not my kind of game.

UnHoly_One310d ago

I was planning to get an X1X, and I was planning to get Crackdown 3, but in no way were those things dependent on one another.

I never even thought about it like that until I kept seeing articles calling it a "launch title".

That confuses me. It's just another Xbox One game, it will work on all Xbox One consoles.

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Obscure_Observer312d ago


Why Crackdown´s delay would have a negative impact on XBox One X,? Many people here are saying that game is horrible, looks like an old Xbox 360 game and would flop hard on sales.

Then the game get delayed for polishing and then all of sudden is the worst thing that could have happen to Xbox One X?

God, no matter what, MS can´t win.

uptownsoul311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

To be fair the exact same thing happened with Uncharted 4. Many people made fun of the Nathan Drake glitching through the world (I believe at PSX 2014) & then when the delay was announced people claimed Naughty Dog was in trouble

hamburgerhill311d ago

Very true uptownsoul but the hate for cd3 has been going on for years even before the delay.

bluefox755311d ago

It did look horrible, that doesn't change the fact that it was a late year, major release.

aawells07311d ago

It's just fanboy stuff man. Gotta overlook those people. This is for people that like the "console war" stuff.

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The_Eternal_one311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

It's funny because these games were introduced before Xbox one X was even a thing. So he kinda is right.

KillBill311d ago

True that except for when he states things that a child could see from a mile away. Which in this case we knew the XB1X wasn't relying on any individual games to sell it.

ocelot07311d ago

@UraDecepticon Didn't Sony say not to long back that 1 out of 5 PS4 consoles sold is a Pro. So it's selling just not as good as the PS4 Slim. Same thing will happen for the XOX. People will buy obviously but it won't sell more than the XB1s per month. At least that is what am thinking anyhow.

rainslacker310d ago

More like 1/4 of what he says is obvious, 1/2 is stupid, and the other 1/4 is irrelevant.

In this case, I actually believe hes right, because I never believed CD3 was that much of a system seller to begin with, and I think the excitement for it is really not as high as wondering these forums would make it seem.

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Relientk77312d ago

Xbox game lineup looking rather empty

chrisx312d ago

Empty indeed. I'm waiting for the defenders of the bone to see how they spin this one

Relientk77312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

I'd like to hear Microsoft's PR spin as well lol

More spins than Sonic the Hedgehog

LexHazard79311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

The president and Ceo of

ThinkThink311d ago

No spin. Game needs more time to make it better. Let's give them that time. If it ends up being crap when it comes out, then pile on and attack like you guys do so well. Win/Win for you Chris! :)

morganfell311d ago (Edited 311d ago )


“The Xbox One X launch lineup will be one of the greatest lineups of games ever available with a major new console release,” Loftis said. “Not only are there several new Xbox exclusives such as Forza Motorsport 7, Cuphead, Super Lucky’s Tale, and the console launch exclusive PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, there is an incredible list of titles coming this holiday including Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Call of Duty: WWII, Star Wars Battlefront II, Destiny 2, and more — with many of these titles enhanced to play better on Xbox One X. With so many great exclusives and new games to play, Crackdown 3 would have shipped into an incredibly crowded market."

Holy crap, look at what he said again,

"The Xbox One X launch lineup will be one of the greatest lineups of games ever available with a major new console release,” Loftis said."

They are spinning so much I'm dizzy.

81BX311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Spin What? Pre ordering xb1x day 1!

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-Foxtrot311d ago

Push it to next year so next E3 Phil can say something about how they've been delivering great variety in games since the start of the year.

Kryptix311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

They delayed it so they can attach a Halo 6 beta invite to the game. Only way the game can generate decent sales. LOL

All jokes aside, the delay was well needed, but I still highly doubt it will better the Xbox One's overall appeal. Right now, the Q4 lineup for new games is looking even more barebones for the console. The fact that they delayed the game when Phil Spencer preaches about not trying to announce games too early just tells that we were all correct, the game does look like trash. Yet, the Xbox fanboys didn't want to acknowledge it and here we are, the game comes out Q2 of next year now. It's good because like we say, delays just means a better game, but if you're going to yell out, "DelayStation 4 huhuhuhu" when the PS4 has also provided more first party IPs throughout the years, you don't know what you're talking about. Look at your owners over there at the Xbox division before you speak.

Oh yea, Patcher is correct, it won't make a difference due to this quote which I can agree on, “I don’t think Xbox One X sales are going to be very high in the first place because of price, and don’t think a six to eight month delay for Crackdown makes any material difference." A lot of people here didn't even read the article and straight up jumped towards, "finally Patcher is making sense, the Xbox One X will do fine," but failed to read that he meant to say, it won't make any difference, the sales won't be high anyway. Most likely knows only very dedicated Xbox fanboys will buy the console and they've been ok playing the waiting game for so long that this delay means nothing to them.

goken311d ago

look at it this way... nexr years xbo line up will be much much much better compared to the last couple of years (although it still looks pretty pale next to Nintendo n Sony's exclusive line up)

while it might prove to be difficult to improve crackdown 3 much with just a few additional months, they should try what they can. the game looks like it could be fun, hope it gets a good chance to do well.

Good-Smurf311d ago

Most of their games ended up either on PC or Steam basically no incentive to buy Xbox whatsoever.
The only game I interested in was Cuphead and my dad's laptop can run it.

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ninsigma312d ago

I agree. Crackdown 3 was of little importance really. It's never been a big franchise and was never going to sell particularly well.

corroios311d ago

It was gonna launch on the same day or im i wrong? trying to downplay another huge blunder from Microsoft. Well they got Forza....

FallenAngel1984311d ago

I didn't even see Crackdown 3 being a system seller in the first place. This franchise was never that huge.

Not to mention that not even Gears of War 4 managed to dramatically increase Xbox One sales

ThinkThink311d ago

Crackdown 3 isn't a system seller. It's always been a niche game.

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