PS4’s System Software 5.00 Beta Rolls Out Today, Key Features Detailed

The new PS4 update 5.00 beta is out today. Here's a list of the key features.

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fenome397d ago

Looking forward to seeing the full list considering this is a full numbered upgrade, hopefully there are a few goodies that haven't been mentioned yet.

Gamer57397d ago

This is the Full list there is no hidden surprises

fenome397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Well then there's that. Lol

That kinda sucks

Army_of_Darkness397d ago

The only interesting thing on there is family on psn... I want to know if I can share/or play my bought games on multiple accounts in the family on psn thing?

FACTUAL evidence397d ago

Not going to lie. I'm truely let down. I'm just going to to wait for the ps5 for any key features now...Sadly I did the same for ps3 to ps4. Most likely when sony takes years to give you basic things you can almost count on not getting it that generation.

fenome396d ago

@ FACTUAL evidence

I'd take games over simple features any day of the week though. Did you seriously skip out on PS3&4 for that reason? What features do you look for in a gaming console that makes it worth buying to you? Genuinely curious, because games have always been at the top of my list.

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Zero_Suit_Samus397d ago

This is a pretty weak update. Especially for a .0 update.

TankCrossing397d ago

Good timing on the family updates, as my kids just noticed I have Playstations and they're desperate to try WipEout. Needless to say I'd rather not grant them access to God of War and such.

Otherwise not really much in there that I would notice. Some nice quality of life improvements, particularly for streamers and such.

Lynx0207397d ago

"Needless to say I'd rather not grant them access to God of War and such."
Why? When I was a kid I really liked to play games like Mortal Kombat or Nightmare Creatures and I watched some crazy gore movies. Now (+-30 yo) violence in games doesn't bother me at all and I personally am a Buddhist and do not ever use violence. I am really thankful to my parents for not censoring me games, movies and books back then. What age are your children and why do you think God of War could do any harm to them?

LAWSON72397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

GoW has them naked ladies and sex mini games.

I played GoW at 10-12 years old too, and odds are the only reason why is because like my parents they were naive or ignorant to video games.

TankCrossing397d ago

5 and 8. The 8 year old would probably be OK with it under the right guidance and advice (ie not if he just started playing it without me being aware and talking to him about the content), the 5 year old would not.

Either way, I see no pressing need to let them have everything they want and no good reason to risk their personal and emotional development on a whim.

Software_Lover397d ago

Too much sex and cursing in games these days. You have to filter some stuff.

OB1Biker397d ago

I appreciate the shortcut to leave a party and minor improvement but it doesn't seem to be big features added. I'm sure there r more small improvement hidden though as usual

Antifan397d ago

GoW was beast when i was a kid. Cant imagine my childhood without it.

rainslacker397d ago

Afraid you won't live up to Kratos as this game is going to make him a father figure? :-P

Would be hard to answer the question why you don't go around throwing axes at giants at the grocery store I suppose.

TankCrossing396d ago

It was actually GoW3 in my head, but now that you mention it... I'll add that to the list of reasons I hope Kratos' kid comes to a tragic end early in the game!

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Neonridr397d ago

Wasn't there supposed to be PSN name changes with this update? Or did that already happen and I didn't notice with a previous update?

I am hopeful there are a bunch of other features that haven't been detailed yet, but there are some good ones here for streamers and those concerned with friends / family.

Liqu1d397d ago

No, that was never mentioned.

Neonridr397d ago

ah ok. Sorry maybe that's just a commonly wished feature. I could have sworn I thought Sony announced it was coming. Guess not.

Phantom68397d ago

There was a rumour about it.

Nitrowolf2397d ago

know what happened when somebody released a wish list and then a bunch of sites ran it thinking it was a Rumour List

Neonridr397d ago

maybe that's what I read then.

ziggurcat397d ago

"Wasn't there supposed to be PSN name changes with this update?"

Not once was that mentioned. That was just what the hope was.

Neonridr397d ago

yeah.. still strange that they won't allow that. Not sure what the problem there is.

ziggurcat397d ago

As far as I know it's been possible in Japan since forever (and for free, too, from what I had been told). It would be a nice feature to have, for sure.

TankCrossing397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

The chap that set up the PSN user database left, and didn't tell anyone the password.

Gamer57397d ago

Everything is in that list no surprises

Aenea397d ago

Name changes have nothing whatsoever to do with the firmware, that's all server side, so no, not going to happen with a firmware update...

TankCrossing397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

The UI for changing name isn't going to.appear from nowhere, and any parts of the user profile and folder structure that use the account name aren't likely to handle changes without any work being done to accommodate it.

Aenea397d ago


And that's typically something you want to do on the account settings WEBSITE, not in the firmware. And why would you want an UI in the firmware for a function that's not used by most people. This only makes sense to do thru the website...

The rest will go automatically once you're forced to re-login...

OffRoadKing397d ago

Probably was just a rumor, at this point its a rumor with every update and if it hasn't happened by now its probably never going to.

rainslacker397d ago

Was just a rumor. I'm not sure that that would require a system update though.

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397d ago
ImGumbyDammit397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

No, it doesn't look good. It is mostly filler crap. Listen there are some nice little features. Emphasis on little. Nothing anybody was really clamoring in large numbers for. This update, as it stands now, is not deserving of a full numeral update.