Shenmue III Gets New Images Showing Ryo, Shenhua and the Great Wall of China

Shenmue III gives a new glimpse on its protagonists and beautiful environments with new images.

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PhoenixUp337d ago

Dear lord when is this coming out? It's been in silence for so long and all they have to show is a few new pics

Abriael337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Second half of 2018. They delayed it back in June.

Bahamut337d ago

I'm calling it now, this game is going to be a disaster.

naruga337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

@Bahamut ....probably ...i bit agree ...they used the pathetic U4 engine to rush the game out and the bad results are already obvious from Ryo bad design ....i hope not though ....definately will not achieve the legendary status of previous entries..... Yakuza series is the new Shenmue , either people like it or not

Tech5337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

naruga -"they used the pathetic U4 engine"

the engine is fine, how developers use it is another matter.

_-EDMIX-_337d ago

@Bahamut- I don't see that happening. Shenume as a concept is pretty exact.

Travel, work, use money from work to buy and collect stuff, QTE some dudes while also fighting annnd, story.

I don't really see them messing that up too much, its a concept that exist so.....yea.

@Nar- I love the Yakuza series, but many aspects are not like Shenmue, mainly not being able to actually look at items collected in terms of interaction, many, many games are not like Shenmue in that regard.

I don't think the engine matters either, Shenmue was never really a game about feel or anything like that. I think they will be fine. I not worried about what Ryo looks like bud, that just irrelevant to me, I'm simply happy to be getting Shemnue 3 AT ALL!

We can have both the Shenmue and Yakuza series side by side. Yakuza is a spiritual successor to Shenume, but trust me, it has enough missing features from Shenmue 1 and 2 to warrant a Shenmue 3.

This doesn't need to be an either or (as I'm not sure why this site is immaturely obsessed with that, as if they can only have one game smh)

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DevilOgreFish337d ago

$6,762,419 pledged and only 2 pictures. 8 million for some year.

_-EDMIX-_337d ago

So it would be best to spoil the game?

I see..

Lon3wolf336d ago

Sounds like Star Citizen....................... .........................

SegaGamer337d ago

I still think the game will be great, but i'm not a fan of the character designs, especially Shenhua. That doesn't look like Shenhua at all really. Her eyes are too big, her fringe is too short, her nose looks too pointy, the mouth isn't quite right. Change the clothes and you wouldn't even know it's her. With modern graphics, i don't see why they couldn't get her to look like this https://vignette1.wikia.noc...

Ryo doesn't look very good either, but at least i can tell it's him. I think another problem is that they look a bit too cartoony for me.

S-Word336d ago

The problem is it's being published by Deep Silver which means I'm no longer buying it. I'll play it, but I'm not giving Deep Silver anything.

rezzah336d ago

What is the issue with Deep Silver?

S-Word336d ago

Same people that published Mighty No. 9

Chumdiddy336d ago

I've simply never been positive that they could make a legit shenmue game for $6MM. The 1&2 took, what, $70MM? In the early 2000s. I see no way for this to not be a terrible game, disappointing for hardcore fans at best.

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