Take A Look at These Stunning Uncharted: The Lost Legacy 4K Images

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy looks fantastic on PlayStation 4 Pro. Check out these 4K captured images from the final build.

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corroios365d ago

Amazing stuff. Didnt know that the game is 39.99. Nice price.

Alexious365d ago

True, it also includes multiplayer.

corroios365d ago

Im big player of the co-op MP of Uncharted 4 and im pumped with the new gaming mode that is coming next week.

indysurfn364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

WAIT only 39.99 and it includes multiplayer? WARNING SARCASM coming: But I wanted to pay 59.99 for a multiplayer only game(sarcasm). And I swear I wanted Micro-transactions How dare Sony give me a raw deal! They have the wrong business model(sarcasm). Where is Microsofty when you need them(sarcasm-gasam).

now what Corroios? It includes CO-OP Multiplayer you say? Do I GET to pay any Micro-transactions for it? NO!? It's included! what a rip off!

End of Sarcasm.
Man this game is awesome I'm in day one.

365d ago
Relientk77365d ago

These look awesome. Naughty Dog doing an incredible job as always

Atticus_finch365d ago

I refuse to see this images or any other spoilers. I can't wait to play it.

indysurfn364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

LOL.....I know exactly how you feel. The last time I felt that way was before Horizon Zero dawn came out. I figured they had spilled WAY too many spoiler beans. Man was I wrong that game has a good story. I bet they are being careful and you can look all you want.

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