Microsoft Has Saved Crackdown 3 By Delaying It

Crackdown 3 has been delayed and pushed back from November 7, 2017 to Spring of 2018. That is by all means the best thing Microsoft could have done with this game, and for these devs and here is why.

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FallenAngel198435d ago

Yeah but now their 2017 exclusive lineup looks even more suspect

MadPandaSkills35d ago

Some people think a delayed game will eventually be a good game. They fail to realize some games are just bad games. Guess we’ll find out spring 2018.

Outside_ofthe_Box35d ago

It's not guaranteed, but it has the potential to be good at least. Think about it for a sec. If a game is bad does it really matter when it's released? You'd rather have it sooner or later? Most will skip a game that is released to bad reception or at least wait until the price is cheap anyway.

At least with a delay the potential for improvement is there. I see a lot of people complain about how a game should have been delayed, but then bitch whenever a game is actually delayed. I know it sucks, but I'd rather they try to make improvements than them knowingly ship a game that they know isn't up to par.

Thatguy-31035d ago

Lets be realistic ppl. Crackdown has never been a quality title. Dont expect this one to be the one instalment where everyone raves about it. The game will MAYBE please its small fanbase but the game wont be successful commercially or critically. Ppl need to be realistic.

leoms35d ago

some get canceled overtime.

Sam Fisher35d ago

Hey outside, love your avatar, its perfect with the name.

Back to the subject, i agree with what outside and thatguy. In a realistic standpoint crackdown was never that aaa title must have, i remember when i had my 360, i purschased the 1st one bc of the beta for halo3. It was a good game at best 8/10. So yea it was never up there with the heavy hitters, delaying the game can be a great thing for it to be more polished but it can also lead to nowhere bc its only delayed 1/2 yr more (6to7 months at most) its not enough time to revamp the game or add much but they can remove bugs at most the way i see it

4Sh0w35d ago Show
KickSpinFilter35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Delayed games can turn out many ways.
Three ways this could go:
Driveclub bad at first then awesome at the end with all the updates it got. Not a great path to go down.
Horizon Zero dawn turned out epic
The Order 1886 turned out bad.
Unfortunately I'm getting The Order vibes from Crackdown 3. Both looked very promising at the start then we saw game play and then some major question started to come up.
I for one don't have a problem with the artistic cell shade style they ended up using looks great to me. Game play on the other hand very stale and last gen like. eeeek.
With the launch of XB1X this epic machine, they really need something major to push this other than Forza 7

Why o why35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Woh 4show. . . People have been saying this for half the gen. . The signs were there from last gen. What didn't help ms was the fact their fans would prop them up, make excuses and demand little. . This is one of the results. You're correct, the management has been poor and bad luck has followed many projects but you'll still find apologists deflecting and doing their best to damage control.

I think ms can put themselves in a better light, for next gen especially, if they actually invest in quality and persevere with projects and studios outside of their go to stable. They're trying to nail the hardware when their actually problem was their software and output.

Is this Phil's fault and/or the ethos of the company or higher ups?

4Sh0w35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Why o Why

Nah I agreed with my fellow Xbox fans to a point that Xbox despite the bad initial PR at the start of this gen was fine. I won't rehash every decision but for me the 1st two years were great. Also of course when things don't go as plan you got to believe they will fix it. So we were right to be patient at times, just like when things don't turn out well for ps, ps fans certainly still support them. Now I'm just at the point where I think they are taking advantage of Xbox fans loyalty in the sense that they are actually launching new hardware all while showing a total lack of effort in putting out compelling exclusives to support it themselves, rather than depending on 3rd parties. Frankly I see alot of the comments here on Xbox related news as pure fanboy stuff, but this news which points to a bigger problem for Xbox is definitely BS on Microsoft's part.....and remember I've been calling them out for their lack gamed for awhile now, still remained patient though, now I'm going to delay a purchase of X, and advising my friends to do the same until they get some goddamm good exclusives shipped.

uRaDecepticon35d ago

Whats suspect is the same people failing Crackdown are the same ones hyping Agent of Meyhem, and that has no multiplayer, lol. Crackdown wins by default. MS, go ahead and push release date to tomorrow. 💪

rainslacker34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


If this particular game is just bad, I'd rather it come sooner rather than later, unless by some miracle they can make it good in a few months time, which is doubtful considering they would have done this by now. Which means it's more likely technical issues causing the delay, or MS wanted the game to polish up the visuals enough to make it more appealing.

Anyhow, the reason I'd want it sooner rather than later is so the hype and talk around it would finally die like so many other games which got hyped up and bombed hard were used for console wars nonsense in the past.

As it is now, we have another 5 odd months to look forward to how great the game will be, as opposed to just 2.

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Tacobell32335d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Crackdown is at least up to date with it's user base. instead of leaving gamers DEEP DOWN in the dark. And even still, by the time Crackdown 3 launches it'll be before shenmue 3 emerges from deep down as well.

DevilOgreFish35d ago

It's funny that you mention those two games. you can add the FFVII remake to that list as well. but i can honestly wait a little for the FFVII remake. I know it will be worth it. that being said. I think though Deep Down, Shenmue 3 and the FFVII remake all have just as much controversy (if not more) surrounding their delays. i'm not even sure if deepdown will even make it this generation. It'll probably land in the next.

niko0435d ago

None of those games are being published by Sony.

Thatguy-31035d ago

Good for the 10 people that are looking forward to it then. ;D it's going to be funny people being critcal of ot after playing true next gen games like God of War, Spiderman, Days gone, Red Dead 2 etc.

andrewsquall35d ago

@DevilOgreFish Its even funnier how you mention FFVII remake, another game along with Shenmue 3 that were announced A YEAR AFTER Crackdown 3's debut lol.

Try and use better examples next time guys. Deep Down is a good enough example but we need the game to reappear from obscurity first (like Crackdown 3 did at E3 2017), get a brand new solid release date and THEN get delayed, you know, like a true train wreck.

FinalFantasyFanatic35d ago


TBH, FFVII remake worries because Square-Enix, they've been very hit and miss over the last half a dozen or so years (I'm really not sure what to expect since it could go either way). As for Shenmue 3, I've barely heard any news on that game so I keep forgetting about it until someone brings it up again. Hopefully they both turn out well.

Critic4l_Strik335d ago

Deep Down isnt a major/relevant game for the PS4 as Crackdown is to the Xbox

showtimefolks35d ago

Taco I am sorry but are those games published by Sony or developed by Sony? Thank you

Let's not blame square Enix problems on Sony we still have yet to receive kingdom hearts 3

How many delays did Quantum break get

Scalebound? Before actually just being canceled?

Phantom dust before you got a 480P free release

Don't act like Ms announces a than it comes out soon after

Keep waiting you never know there maybe a true AAA exclusive to come out on Xbox within next 12-18 months

Exvalos35d ago

nice lowkey jab at capcom lol

rainslacker34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Yeah well, at least we know what to look forward to for a while. I'd love to have that for the X1 right now. Even if Deep Down is in limbo, it doesn't mean that there hasn't been a ton of other content to fill in the gaps. MS has nothing to fill in the gaps though, which just exemplifies how poor their game output is.

But, if you're going to try and call out Sony on such things, I'd suggest you keep it in your own house and go complain to MS before trying to rationalize it because Sony does it too. You aren't helping yourself of other Xbox fans by trying to bring Sony down, and you'd be much better off actually worrying about your X1 purchase before worrying about the Sony players who aren't waiting years for a game which might come, sometimes not even knowing what the game may be.

What's sad is MS is using this criticism of Sony announcing games to early as a way to not announce things and as far as I can tell, just indefinately put off the fact they don't have any games, because they can just keep saying "we won't show it too early", because apparently no one likes that.

But, I can tell you from a Sony fan's perspective, we seem to be quite excited for all we have coming in the next couple years, and we have been for the past couple years. That's a feelling I'd love for you Xbox guys to experience again, instead of being excited for the announcement of some indeterminate game. Call me crazy, but as an Xbox One owner, I'd like to know what I might be playing on the game in the near and far off future. Right now, cuphead is all there is that's left.

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RommyReigns35d ago

Games of this scale are bound to run into problems

jagermaster61935d ago

I see what you did there lol.

ecchiless34d ago

you are so mean man... but still is funny xDDDDDDD

YAO-BLING35d ago

they delayed scalebound too, look how that turned out?

Obscure_Observer35d ago


Yeah, really disppoint.

rainslacker34d ago

It's probably better to release a good game than try to fill out this year. This year is going to be what it is, and honestly, I doubt CD3 was going to have that much of an impact either way. It's not a very crowded holiday to begin with from what I can tell, but what it does have, is mostly in similar genres to CD3.

MS has a lot riding on this game, and if they don't get it right, they'd look worse in the long run than the temporary criticism they'd get for the delays. Things like Horizon:ZD got some bad press for it's delay, but people forgot all about that when they saw how good it was.

I don't know if CD3 will eventually be good with the delay, but if it's not working very well now, and they can get it working within the time of the delay, then it's probably the right call from MS. I'm sure no one who's intersted in the game wants the game to come out and not really be able to play it for a month or two while they work out the problems.

arijitfrens200634d ago

OMG! i thot xbox games never delays :D

segamaniaco34d ago

pawa of the cloud wasnt work properly

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PhoenixUp35d ago ShowReplies(5)
Silly gameAr35d ago

Usually, these gaming blogs say game delays are a bad thing.

RpgSama35d ago

Not when it's Microsoft doing the delaying.

niko0435d ago

LoL saved seems a bit premature. A delay of a few months hardly means the game will be a success. From what we have seem of the game it'll take a lot more than that to fix it.

Goldby35d ago

Sometimes a few months is all that is needed.

I remember reading that Naughty Dog's delay of Last of us was needed and in those couple months was when it all came together and because the masterpiece it is

andrewsquall35d ago

@niko04 Lol The Last of Us is the pinnacle of last gen. TLOU is insane when compared to just about every single game released on 360/PS3 and even PC up until 2013.
Crackdown 3 does not fall into the same category on any kind of level. It doesn't even beat TLOU on PS3 in technical terms and accomplishment lol.
Actually it does have one thing going for it, just like TLOU during development, Crackdown 3 doesn't look like its suffers any massive framerate problems or hard crashes to the console menu on any builds before launch.

Also TLOU was delayed by 5 weeks from May 7th to June 14th back in the day. It never had a release date before that point with December 2012 being the time that they announced its date with the delay coming in Feb 2013.
"Spring 2018" means Crackdown 3 could be delayed anywhere up to 5 months or 20 weeks from its original release date and I don't even know what qualifies as "Spring" in the US.

Not the best thing to compare it to now is it?

Goldby35d ago

@andrew, it's just an example that sometimes a delay is all that is required to make something go up a notch in terms of quality.

rainslacker34d ago

I honestly think the Sony delays were more to position the game in times when there wasn't as much competition from the big mainstream games during the holiday season.

I'm sure the time was spent polishing, as by that time, the game would be on code lock, which means all features which were going to be in the game were already in the game, and things that didn't work were taken out long ago. This happens about 3-4 months before a game goes gold for the most part....although some leeway is allowed if it's critical. But for the most part, after that, it's about fixing bugs, optimizing code, and polishing graphics, or retooling graphics to match the performance needs of the game.

With this game, it's potentially not meeting up to the cloud needs, as I can't imagine what kind of optimization they'd need months to make the graphics better for what they had. There is only so much you can do with the rather antiquated techniques they were using. I will concede they may not want to put it into the same holiday season as other games in similar genres, because it's obvious it's been working out well for Sony, and maybe they are aware of some big game coming from Sony in a similar genre in that time that Sony hasn't announced yet(maybe Sucker Punch's new game).

There's a lot of possibilities behind the reasons for the delay, and I always think that saying that the extra few months are being done to polish the game and make it better to be mostly PR spin. Things like that seem to be more prone to delay of 9-16 months, because that's just how things go in game development at large.