Let's Talk About Hellblade and Single Player Microtransactions

This episode of the PlayStation Podcast, Joseph and Ren talk about what
they loved from Hellblade. Ren tells Joe he's overreacting to Shadow of
Wars Microtransactions. Is there any hope for No Man's Sky. Lastly talk
about the lack of name changes in Sony's 5.0 update and much more

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Bigpappy284d ago

No no no... we can't talk about that. It's a PS4 Exclusive. What Micotransactions?

Gearsofwar_xbox284d ago

Wait a second I tho if the games comes out on pc too it's no more exclusive ?

_-EDMIX-_284d ago

I don't really even know about that.

Sony isn't publishing this game or making it or anything like that. From what I read, the team self published the game on PC and PS4, it might have to do with them being a smaller team and just not having a budget for 3 platforms, it might be narrative type games don't do well on XB etc.

Who knows. Not every game not coming to a platform is based on some timed deal, many times its simply because they just can't afford to or the install base has no history moving huge units for that genre, series, franchise etc.

_-EDMIX-_284d ago


This isn't exclusive to anything.

This is on PC too...did you guys legit not know that this game is on 2 platforms and not 1? lolz

Oops I guess.

OffRoadKing280d ago

The title clearly confused you, they're talking about multiple things not just Hellblade, they're referring to microtransactions in Shadow of War which is not exclusive to PS4. Maybe read a little closer next time before you attempt your trolling.

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Pantz284d ago

Without a physical copy, the whole game IS a microtransaction.

littlezizu284d ago

Hellblade doesn't ve Microtransaction.
They are referring to shadow of mordor

Goldby283d ago

40$ Microtrasnactions eh.

I feel sorry for you if you actually believe that.

Are you also one of those players that spends 100$ on loot crates?

Pantz283d ago

I do not subscribe to Loot Crate, nor did I know it was so expensive.

Goldby283d ago

I never said loot crate. That subscription isn't micro transactions. But a product you get.

I'm talking about loot crates in games. Like cod, battlefield, overwatch, Paragon and countless other MT premium currency loot crates.

slappy508283d ago

Lets not, then say we did.