Let's Discuss: Why Hellblade Will Be Remembered Long After This Generation's Over

We're talking about Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice success and what the game
was able to stand out. What improtance this game will have for video games
to come in both sound design, story telling, and the way it protrays mental

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whiteblue249d ago

Very linear and short game full of boring puzzles and with a very barebones and lackluster combat system

CrimsonWing69248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

See I don't see anything wrong with linear games. I think it's definitely a genre unto itself and I'd hate if every single game was open-world.

The puzzles I found to be pretty decent especially the use of the illusions, lining up fragments to make objects whole, many of the shard trial puzzles like using sound and vibration to navigate through the dark or the moving through dark and light versions of a stage to progress through it. Yes, the glyph puzzles are consistently in the game but there's plenty of variety.

I found the varied environments to be simply gorgeous especially on the shores of the ship graveyard.

The combat was excellent in my opinion you have plenty of options (light, heavy, and melee), you can switch up light and heavy to do different combos. You can run and strike. You have focus that lets you deal out more hits extremely fast. You can also dodge and it's easy to cycle through enemies.

The boss fights were great, the story was great albeit the ending does leave itself open for interpretation.

All in all, I found this game to be wonderful from beginning to end and just developed extremely well. Loved the use of sound in the game.

I definitely believe this could be indie game of the year.

fenome248d ago

I just got the game last night but I'm definitely enjoying it so far, it's take on things is pretty unique in my opinion. Loving that $30 price tag too, my wallet's been taking a beating lately.

AstroCyborg248d ago

weird because the game has already been forgotten