PS4 Exclusive Gran Turismo Sport Gets New Trailers: Advanced Matchmaking, PlayStation VR and More

Sony Interactive Entertainment showcases the advanced features of Gran Turismo Sport with not one, but three new trailers.

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freshslicepizza365d ago

First video is false advertising, they are talking abvout VR yet showing multiple cars onscreen. Did they not confirm it was only going to be one on one racing?

Second video highlights what the game is all about, looks good.

Third video I hope it helps improve peoples awareness and skill level. We all know there are a bunch of idiots online who like to bump and ruin the experience for others.

Bigpappy365d ago

It's a good ad though. They have race drivers there that I actually know and I am no gearhead.

C-H-E-F364d ago

The graphics in that looked worst than it was at E3. So perhaps either they added the cars in and lowered the res or this is of an earlier build before they made improvements. However at E3 there was 1 car on the track and it was the best looking VR racing game I've seen yet.

ILostMyMind365d ago

What a surprise to see who are the first to comment on the PS4 news. 🤔

ThinkThink364d ago

Don't make it gross. He didn't say anything bad. Wait until he says something bad before you make it gross. :) On topic, the game is shaping up nicely, looking forward to checking it out.

LA_Zeo365d ago

I only play online so between GT Sport and Rainbow 6 Siege I won't need another game for quite awhile.

FITgamer364d ago

Both great, but there is no way I personally could be kept satisfied by gaming in an only online world. I love being immersed in single player games.

C-H-E-F364d ago

Online only is for lonely people who need human interaction, people that are more imaginative can enjoy single player games, those who are hybrid can happily enjoy both...