Sonic Mania has a Nintendo Switch Bug. Whitehead is Working on it

One of the reasons games get delayed is usually to iron out possible bugs that hinder the player experience. Sonic Mania’s PC port got delayed for that specific reason and we are seeing the consequences of the consoles who got the port earlier.

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-Foxtrot117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

A Sega game still rejecting Nintendo all these years on XD

"Guys guys stop...we won...we won with the fall of the Dreamcast"

PhoenixUp117d ago


When did Sonic ever leave the genre in the first place

PhoenixUp117d ago

Which were all platformers...

FallenAngel1984116d ago

@ Segata

Which isn't a mainline title but a spinoff not unlike Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, and Mario + Rabbids... 😑

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EddieNX 117d ago

I just got stuck in the corner of a boss battle whilst in a ball and couldnt move, had to restart the level -_- . other than that tho 👌

Neonridr117d ago

Switch needs more Blast Processing obviously.. :P

TallonIV117d ago

Yup, i have this issue, not game-breaking but a fix would be nice.

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