NBA 2K18 Gameplay Features: Dribbling, Passing, Motion Engine, Signature Layup Packages, & More

2K Sports have announced new NBA 2K18 Gameplay Features / Improvements to the game, including NBA 2K18 improvements to Dribbling, Passing, Motion Engine, Signature Layup packages, & More!

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Gemmol368d ago

cant wait to play on Switch

Lime123368d ago ShowReplies(2)
DaleCooper367d ago

I'm excited for the Switch version. The last handheld bball game I had was on PSP. It's been too long!

Gemmol367d ago

We finally will be happy as of next month

Lime123367d ago

How so? The worst graphics, the worst online, the worst controller,...

Gemmol367d ago

well yeah the graphics wont match it, but at same time Switch is stronger than Wii U, which was stronger than ps3, so its not like we getting playstation 2 graphics, so the game will look amazing still, and I play to play mostly in handheld mode

I disagree on controller, i have both switch and ps4, and I like the Switch Pro Controller more and with its long 40 hour battery life, I do not have to charge it as much as the ps4.....

how will it have the worst online, the game will be on NBA 2K servers, not Nintendo servers....

you trying to hard to find negatives

Lime123367d ago

The worst graphics, the worst controller, the worst online "service", the lowest number of players online.


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Gman32367d ago

I wanna see gameplay for the nintendo switch version

Gemmol367d ago

I can't wait to play on it, i don't think anyone can beat me once i learn the controls