Electronic Arts Were Left "Puzzled" After They First Saw Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Insider writes:

Electronic Arts Worldwide Studios executive vice president Patrick Söderlund has spoken about how he had been left “puzzled” after he was first shown Nintendo Switch.

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Big_Game_Hunters368d ago

Meanwhile gamers were left amazed the first time they saw it, EA out of touch with Quality once again.

AcidDvl366d ago

Yes we were, that 2011 hardware sure does look fine in 2017...

bluefox755366d ago

Speak for yourself. I have zero interest in the Switch.

Antnee534368d ago

They need to get with the times and make good games, but no they nickel and dime everyone. With stupid ultanite team rip off bullshit.

Also Maybe if they put as much effort into mass effect andromeda as they are anthem maybe the game wouldn't be dead and the series could live on.

Maybe instead of being greedy and thinking people want to buy games for switch that ea Cleary knows will sell bad, maybe they can make great games on equal footing as the other consoles maybe more people would be more inclined to purchase their games.

bamillington366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Goes to show how little imagination they have

chris235366d ago

most people are after having looked at it.