We Happy Few Forgoing Console Exclusivity is a Win for Gamers

We Happy Few going multiplatform is a win for gamers, although it may be a bit of a loss for Microsoft, who may have been a frontrunner for exclusivity had that come to fruition.

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Kribwalker189d ago

Never was exclusive, was always coming to Xbox first, which it did in early Access last year

Genuine-User189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Wasn't it announced as a timed exclusive?

Early access shouldn't be confused with exclusivity, but I wouldn't put it past Microsoft to mess up the terms.

dirkdady189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Man today is a bad day for Xbox with Crackdown getting delayed to spring 2018 and now losing We Happy Few timed exclusivity.

Can't blame the devs for wanting to have the game on all the platforms.

Liqu1d189d ago

Don't think so. It released in the game preview program and MS used that to tout it as a launch exclusive. They did the same thing with Battlegrounds, Ark, Elite etc.

Kribwalker189d ago


What about PS4?

At the moment we are focusing on the PC and Xbox version. We are a small team and we want to take our time polishing the game first and foremost.

FallenAngel1984189d ago

Another Xbox One exclusive bites the dust

Neonridr189d ago

Well this is the same developer who made Contrast on the PS4. It was never supposed to be a forever exclusive, only timed.

FallenAngel1984189d ago

Even so it didn't even fully release on Xbox One & PC before it could be considered a timed exclusive.

Death189d ago

Are you more excited Xbox doesn't have it as an exclusive or excited more people can play the game? We happy few has always been an indie title and not Microsoft exclusive. It was never their exclusive to lose. It has been playable for about a year now on Xbox One and you can buy it today. The finished game however won't be out until next year.

FallenAngel1984189d ago

I'm not excited, I'm just stating the news

189d ago
freshslicepizza189d ago

"I'm not excited, I'm just stating the news"

What news? It was never announced as a full exclusive. just like how The Witness was announced at Sony's press conference. Did you let everyone know the new back then too when it came to the Xbox and say another exclusive bites the dust?

Shouldn't people be excited instead more get to enjoy the games? Nah, what fun is that right.

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Sonic_Vs_Mario189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

It was never announced as an Xbox One exclusive. We Happy Few released on Xbox One because it's the only platform that has early access program. That's why majority of games like Battlegrounds, Conan Exiles etc will release on Xbox first.

PhoenixUp189d ago

"Microsoft is the one who first introduced We Happy Few to the world back at E3 2016."

The game was actually first revealed in Feb 2015 at PAX East. Microsoft themselves presented the title at Gamescom in 2015.

"Provided no games receive a delay, this is a strong lineup for Xbox One X to launch with."

Who seriously cares what an iterative console "launches" with? If that's even a thing. You didn't see people getting worked up with what New 3DS or PS4 Pro "launched" with.

"However, they are subtleties compared to what it would have been had the game gone with console exclusivity. Compulsion Games retains “all creative control” of We Happy Few, which feels like a win for everyone."

Indeed everybody's happy.

KwietStorm189d ago

I'd imagine the interested buyers of an iterative console care what it "launches" with. If you're buying a new console in the middle of a generation, I think it would only be understandable to want some software that takes advantage of it to justify your purchase, or even it's existence. It's the same reason that there's been a lot of people talking about Pro support, or lack thereof.

Jinger188d ago

And X1X is getting a shit ton of support, so whats the problem? The problem is people think the only reason to get a console is for exclusives.

PhoenixUp189d ago

@ Kwiet

There's have already been an announced lineup of titles that will take advantage of the features though

sd11188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

"who seriously cares what an iterative console "launches" with?
I am a multiplatform gamer but Xbox is my primary platform. Personally I do not care about what Xbox X launches with. I do, however care that every MS game that I was interested in for 2017 have been moved back to 2018. Having only 1 MS exclusive game that I will purchase (halo wars 2) is pretty poor from my perspective. MS need to lift their game and start developing more titles themselves.

Automatic79189d ago

@wewritethings is not doing fact review prior to click bait article. Shame on you. I won't bother to click article.

Elda189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

No longer a XBO console exclusive.

KwietStorm189d ago

Yes, that would be the gist of it.

Jinger188d ago

The only reason it was "exclusive" is because Sony doesn't have an early access program like Steam and MS. It was never meant to be a full exclusive.

darthv72188d ago

It was never a console exclusive. It was a console 'preview' exclusive though. XBO was the preview platform for the game before it was released in full to the xbo and ps4.

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