14 Most Difficult PS4 Trophies

Some trophies are not meant to be earned.

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mastershredder98d ago

13 pages on next buttons. Nopes. That kind of website design is old and busted and screams suck.

shammgod97d ago

Thanks for the heads up...i will not be going thru each page

thatguyhayat98d ago

I actually went through the pages. They are not hard, just a little practice and strategy you can do the,, especially just cause 3 gears. The only thing to worry about just cause 3 is that the platinum trophy is glitched as hell.

arkard198d ago

oh that sucks, I was going to maybe make a platinum run but hearing that ill probably just play for fun and if I dont have a ton of trophies left then ill go after it.

badz14997d ago (Edited 97d ago )

WTF? JC3? hard? it's not hard at all and I'm not even THAT good in most games in general. you just need time and because all the challenges are basically the same and there are exploits for each challenge.

the other thing you need is patience because the game is badly optimized

PhoenixUp97d ago

Anybody get the platinum on MGS4? I know it's a PS3 game, but damn that Songs of the Battlefield trophy

Knushwood Butt97d ago

That bomber trophy for super stardust HD on PS3 is near impossible, and is a bronze.

WePlayDirty97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

In my personal opinion... MetalGearSolid4 is a really tough/time consuming platinum....