No Man's Sky Atlus Rises Update Doesn't Hit The Spot

Hello Games recently released their Atlus Rises update for No Man's Sky. Find out why Screen Critics Shaun was left feeling wanting.

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Gardenia282d ago

The update improves the game... a lot. But the core gameplay is still the same, which is gathering and exploring. If these are the things you didn't like before, you still won't like it now

Soulst0rmer282d ago

NMS is fun for me, but I literally chill out on the couch with it.

shaun mcwayne282d ago

I like games like that some nights, when you just wanna slow the gameplay down to a crawl instead of super fast burning eyes pvp games.

mogwaii282d ago

Tacking on bits and peices isnt going to fundamentally change the game, which is at its core boring.

mkis007282d ago

"Heck, seeing an orb only makes you yearn more for features you know aren’t coming."
- Not exactly the smartest writer. You know nothing.

Felsager278d ago

I'm glad that Sony is helping Hello Games to deliver. The core game play is an alternative of competitive PVP gaming. This game has a future and could become a good ride if Sony help Hello Games grow in personnel and resources. Right now the game improved for the better so all was not lost.

If Sony manages to deliver the exact vision of the developers, this game will end up being very good. We have to give it a chance and stop being so entitled and negative about it. If we invest and support I'm sure the game will end up getting there, on the spot we want.

ReBurn278d ago

To a certain degree the players have a right to feel entitled. Hello Games made big promises and didn't deliver at launch. So it's nice to see them trying to make good. They're a lot more dedicated than other developers for sure.

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