Will Destiny 2's Story Live Up to The Hype?

Prior to its release, Destiny 2 fans have been discussing whether or not they have confidence in the game's narrative.

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Aenea245d ago

Lemme check my crystal ball

Thunder_G0d_Bane245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

How about you guys stop hyping the game up.

Destiny 2 is gonna just be more Destiny with improvements. Which I'm excited for cause I loved Destiny 1 and enjoyed the hell out of the beta and cant wait for it to launch on PC as I can finally play it at 100fps+ on my 144hz monitor.

All those expecting some kind of huge singleplayer story you're getting the game for all the wrong reasons. Its a multiplayer focused game so don't expect anything special storywise. I've played woW on an off for over 10 years and Story don't mean shit to me when im playing lool. Where as Witcher 3, Mass Effect etc story is important.

starrman1985245d ago

The real question, does any true Destiny fan even care?? I don't, none of the people I played with do.

JeffGUNZ245d ago

I do, mainly because you have to get through the story to get all endgame content unlocked. So, if I have to go through it, I would like it to be substantive unlike the first.

Rude-ro245d ago

Wait wait wait.... all of gaming media destroyed the first game and now there is "live up to the hype" articles from those outlets?!
Absolute stupidity.
According to the comment trolls and most of gaming media... destiny only has one direction to go and hype would be the last word muttered from those people.

JeffGUNZ245d ago

At launch it was reviewed badly but by the taken king and rise of iron, they really seemed to figure out what this game is about. I think the hype is coming off that, two solid back to back DLC's that showed Bungie finally listening to their community. Still wish they had separate weapons stats for PvE and PvP though.

Rude-ro245d ago

I would agree... except for all the "same game" articles since d2 was shown off thus leading to no hype being made by anybody as far as articles go.

Fans may be hyped, but they know what they are getting, myself included.

I also do not want separation. The point of the entire game is to always feel connected.
I also do not believe pvp ruined that aspect... I believe stats did. Every inch of the game was tracked... I think it had more to do with making it harder towards players with the op guns taking any challenge out of the game.

JeffGUNZ240d ago

I don't want them completely separated but it was annoying PvP concerns when addressed, altered PvE.

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