My Top 5 RPGs of 2017

Rachelle wrote: Role-playing games (RPGs) have been around for years and they can surely impress us in various ways. Taking up the role of a protagonist in a fictional world makes us live in those games and that is why we come to like or perhaps love them. It is all up to us players on how to develop our characters and how the story goes.

A lot of RPGs have been released this year and we tend to find difficulties in choosing which one we will play first. So, here's my top five RPGs games in 2017.

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CrowbaitBob368d ago

What do they mean by RPGs?

morganfell368d ago

Agreed. While a couple of the games they mention are great they are hardly what I would call RPGs.

Razzer368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Finished ME:A last night. 140 hours. Damn good game. Extremely underrated.

Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier, and Persona 5 will all probably gain GOTY awards by various outlets.

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_-EDMIX-_368d ago

Good to know. Lots have been telling me good things about it over PSN.

Razzer367d ago

I'm not surprised. I just hate there probably won't be a sequel. It is a shame.

Movefasta1993367d ago

Persona 5 and mass effect are rpgs.The other three are action games,that have light rpg elements

oIITSBIIo367d ago

My best RPG of 2017 is yet to come, Divinity OS2.

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