Every Xbox One X Game Will Be Downsampled For 1080P TV's, And Here's Why Its A Good Thing!!

Ever since Sony and Microsoft announced their Mid-Gen upgrades, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, competition has been at an all time high

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corroios311d ago

Someone that buys the X isnt to play on a 1080p TV, because its a «true» 4k console. Built for 4k. If you want to play 1080p games just get the S and buy a ton of games for the price of the X

Sonic_Vs_Mario311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

You're kind of wrong. Xbox One X will be the superior version compared to Xbox One S.

Here's some of the features for 1080p TV owners on Xbox One X

1. Faster load times. The One X HDD is 50% faster than the One S. And the extra 4GB of RAM with the much higher bandwidth, can speed up the loading of assets etc)

2. Hardware inside the One X provides Anisotropic Filtering (AF) to existing games (makes textures a little clearer). Albert Penello mentions this in an interview with The Know

3. Existing XB1 games which have dynamic resolution and / or dynamic frame rate will look best and perform best on a One X (edit: i.e. resolution should stay at its maximum and / or frame rate should stay consistent and smooth)

4. Super sampling is enabled by default on games which target 4k. This means that a 4k game playing on a 1080p TV, will have a better image quality than a native 1080p game on the same TV.

5. Further visual benefits would include higher quality textures which can be seen further into the distance, longer draw distances for the geometry, and extra effects. This is dependent on what the developer does with their game

corroios311d ago

Again someone with 499 to buy the X also got the Money to buy a 4k tv or already have a 4k TV. This console isnt for the average gamer that got a 1080p TV and doesnt intend to buy this year or next year.

The casual dont care about noting that you talked about. Its stuff for the hardcore gamer. They just want to power the console and start playing. They will always go for the cheaper deal and not for the most expensive.

Goldby311d ago


i could afford the Xbox One X.

i cant afford the 4k TV.

Why? a good 4k TV is over $2,000 in canada.

Blanket statements like that never work

TankCrossing310d ago

"Anyone that has £500 to spend has £1500 to spend".


mcstorm310d ago

@corroios your wrong. I'm looking at the xbox one x but don't have a 4k tv and wont be getting one for at least 6 months after I get a one. I'm happy with my sony 50" HD tv and at the moment don't have a spare 1k to get one. I'm also having a little one in October so my cash has to go towards him so not everyone getting an xbox x will be getting or have a 4K tv.

FinalFantasyFanatic310d ago

I still think it's a bit of a waste not pairing it with a 4k TV, but lots of people pair the Pro with a HD TV anyway. Good 4k TVs are still over $2000 in Australia and it's not worth cheeping out on the TV.

I honestly thought down-sampling would be a give in with XoneX, I'd be more shocked if it wasn't included.

Yi-Long310d ago

@Corroios; Just because I have the money to buy a 4K TV, doesn't mean I want to.spend that moneynon a 4K TV. I have a perfectly fine 1080p Plasma, which still offers tremendous video quality.

I AM interested in buying the XBO X though. Not because of it's 4K output, but more because it will be the most powerful console available and thus interesting for multiplatform releases.

ONESHOTV2310d ago

corroios----- you don't know one thing about hardware you are embarrassing your self

RommyReigns310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

'Again someone with 499 to buy the X also got the Money to buy a 4k tv or already have a 4k TV. '

How about someone already with a 1080p TV but on a budget and has enough only for an Xbox One X? Lesson here is to not make stupid statements and to think. You've just been nominated for the 'Most Deluded Comment on N4G - August 2017' award.

OmnislashVer36310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

I bought a PS4-Pro but don't have a 4K TV yet. I did it because it was only $100 more than the base model, more games would play in 1080p, and more stable framerate. I'd be glad if they added more Pro supersampling for 1080p sets.

310d ago
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TankCrossing311d ago

Some Xbox one games look butt-ugly on a 1080p screen, with poor AA and often sub-1080 resolution. One X with supersampling would be a big improvement in those circumstances.

Obviously a 4k TV would be better, and a 4K TV with a well-specced PC would be better still. We can't always have everything though, right?

k2d310d ago

Projector and home cinema is the only route for me, and as such, 4K is waay out of league.

Neonridr311d ago

that's like saying that the Pro is only for 4K TV owners too then.

freshslicepizza311d ago

Except the Xbox One X will use supersampling on all games plus other improvements.

letsa_go309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

@moldybread So where is your source, and the source for this article that says EVERY game gets supersampling? Because that would imply that every game in the xbox one library is getting patched to 4k resolution in order to be downsampled, and we know that isn't true.

The article you posted says "'We have supersampling by default so GAMES THAT ARE RENDERED IN 4K get super sampled down to 1080p," Penello said in the same interview with Gamasutra. "And if you haven't seen, there's some great YouTube videos on supersampling. A 4K super sampled image at 1080p looks better than a native 1080p image."

So is it every game, or just the games that run in 4k?

LexHazard79311d ago

Lol..which is why its great that it downsamples. Not everyone has a 4K TV or money to upgrade.

Still graphically on 1080p should look fantastic.

EddieNX 311d ago

I agree with corroios. Youre gunna need a 4k tv to play the X on or you are essentially wasting money. Just keep your S, most of the framerates are unchanged so you wont be noticing much of a change.

Kavorklestein310d ago

Yet having even less graphical difference between Ps4 and Xbox one versions of games was enough to lambast and shit talk on xbox one's power to no end during the first 2 years + of this gen?
How about this? Let people do whatever the hell they want to do! Let people spend their money however they want! Don't try to preach value to people who've already decided how they want to spend it!
For example, I personally don't have much interest in VR, but do I have the right to go around telling people that they're wasting money if they want to play games using VR?
(Let me answer my own question rhetorically.... technically I do have the right just say whatever I want, I'll just look like a retard if I do so blatantly with no logic applied to my own arguments.)

EddieNX 310d ago

Its just about making sensible decisions. If u cant afford a 4k tv then u probably cant afford an X. I have a 4k tv and an S an I still enjoy native 4k streaming and when I get the X i'll enjoy native 4k gaming.

Goldby310d ago


1st where can you buy a good 4K tv for 500$?

2nd you can't So does that mean an Xbox one x is closer to 2k$?

People have financial obligations in life and some people can only afford either a console or a tv.
Buying the Xbox one x before. 4K tv is simply "future proofing" your consoles of choice for a few years, maybe enough time to pick up a 4K tv

darthv72311d ago

Having a tv that supports HDR would be more important than just simply having a 4k tv. not every 4k tv supports HDR but 4k is required to support HDR. I do believe Sony has a line of 1080p only sets that support HDR as well but it just makes better sense that if you get a tv with HDR it also supports 4k.

FinalFantasyFanatic310d ago

What 4K tv doesn't have HDR these days (are we looking at Big W or Aldi TVs?)? I didn't think they'd ever make HDR for 1080p sets though, most manufactures are trying to push people into buying 4k tvs, so I would think it'd make less sense to include HDR on HD TVs. Most content doesn't have HDR unless you have a 4k Blu-ray player or console that supports it (I don't know where streaming fits into this, but I assume it doesn't have HDR yet).

lelo2play310d ago

It would be more important for the Xbox One X if all games could run at 60fps instead of running at 4k.
It's better playing a game at 60fps/1080p instead of 4k with unstable 30fps.

Xbox One X needed a better CPU.

Saijahn310d ago

I don't have a 4K tv but will get one later. Still getting the X1X day 1

carmelo43310d ago

Xbox one x is not a true 4k console hahahahaha

GHOSTxTZ310d ago

Lol i will be playing the xbox one x on a 1080p monitor so this is irrelevant i rather have the better xbox regardless of me not having a 4k screen

310d ago
ossyc310d ago

The Crapbox One X is certainly NOT a true 4k console, not even close. Most of the upcoming AAA games are 30fps, which is shite. Stop posting BS, you're as bad as Microsoft.

DJStotty309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

like forza 7 you mean? 4k native 60fps. Your statement is redundant and repetitive

sd11310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

In addition to what Sonic Vs Mario said all backwards compatible games get a visual and performance boost on the X. So effectively all of the free xbox 360 games are slightly remastered versions.

Having said this I do also agree with you that buying an Xbox X without a 4k tv seems a bit strange. Personally If I were in this position I would put the money towards a 4k TV.It would be interesting to compare Xbox X games downsampled on a 1080p tv vs Xbox S game upscaled to 4k on a 4k HDR tv. Personally I think HDR and upscaling would look better than 1080p downsampled. It would be an interesting comparison.

BeOpenMinded310d ago

Agreed, that's where I think people would determine if it's really worth it to upgrade if they don't have the 4k tv

Tedakin310d ago

XBox one S can't do all games at 1080p. Every game is 1080 downsampled on the X. Not to mention probable faster load times, etc... and games like Gears 4 are getting lighting and graphical improvements as well.

shloobmm3310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

it will use supersampling to take a 4k image down to a 1080p screen not to mention all the additional bells and whistles that come with the enhanced games. As for your comment down below.....$500 is not a lot of money but pair that on top of a tv purchase than yes it can be unbearable for those who don't have 4k HDR tvs yet or for those with $500 and not $1200

iceman2929310d ago

I'm going to be buying the X1X (and a 4k tv w/HDR soonish) but I will be running the X1X through a splitter so I can feed the video to my 1080p projector AND my 4k tv in the adjacent room. Soooo I appreciated improved 1080p visuals.

UKmilitia310d ago

cool, will it suppport crackdown 2?

DJStotty310d ago

Erm i disagree,

I am buying the xbox one x day one and i dont own a 4k tv. Perhaps you need to look into what the console is doing for existing games and not just 4k titles

stable frame rates and visual enhancements on games will be welcome for me

SolidGear3309d ago

What if you have a standard definition television from 20 years ago and no Internet? Would that mean someone should stick with 16 bit and not upgrade to 32 bit?

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FallenAngel1984311d ago

Why the question mark in the headline

freshslicepizza311d ago

Those are exclamation marks!

FallenAngel1984311d ago

They are now, but it was a question mark when I made the comment

TankCrossing310d ago

Corroborated! It bugged me too when I read it.

Having said that... why no question mark on your question? :p

Fishy Fingers310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

If a system is running at any resolution over 1080p super/down sampling should be a standard OS feature/option. It doesn’t require additional resources, just some driver improvements.

zb1ftw777310d ago

I want an xbox one x, but i don't want 4k.

I want 60fps.

If it doesn't do that, I'm not going to buy. Because...... What is the point?

Fishy Fingers310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Console manufacturers are prioritising resolution over frame rate, why, partly parity, but largely because it’s more important to hit the industry buzz words (4K, UHD, graphicszzzz) and the average man in the street doesn’t ‘know’ about or appreciate higher frame rate.

If you want control over what your hardware prioritises, get a PC and choose for yourself.

Cobra951310d ago

Sadly true, which is why I've taken a step back from consoles while this industry phase works itself out. Someday, console processing power may rise to the level needed to handle all those pixels with ease at 60 fps or beyond. Right now, the sacrifices in what really matters to me are too great to accept. I'll see what the true next gen brings, whenever and if ever that happens. I'll be happily gaming on PC in the meantime.

zb1ftw777310d ago

No thanks. The PC industry is even worse.

Bloated hardware, bloated prices, no decent games.

Steam is no better than a phone app store.

Liqu1d310d ago

You won't be buying an Xbox One X then.

HeyNowChillax310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

If the devs do on X1X what they are doing on PS4 Pro, then don't worry you'll likely have a high frame rate mode, which targets 1080p.

SpaceRanger310d ago

"That may not seem like much of a difference now, but the 24 titles that don’t downsample include fan-favorites such as The Last of Us, so this could be a potential deal breaker for many players."

How is that a deal breaker? TLOU still looks better than most games releasing this gen. The potential deal breaker would be buying a 4k console "the most powerful console" just to get one or two exclusive games every 10 months.

SubZtx310d ago

There was zero excuse not to supersample The Last of Us. It would have made most of the jaggies and shimmering disappear. Sony wanted to sell more 4k TVs. If you are sitting like 8+ feet away from a TV with supersampling on you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a 4k TV and 1080p one. I tested it with my own eyes before I got a 4k TV on PC games and rise of the tomb raider on ps4 pro. Up close you totally can, but as you move away it gets harder to tell.