Microsoft's New Achievement Structure

Phil at Handsome Phantom lays out his thoughts on the possibility of a new achievement system.

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2pacalypsenow368d ago

I hate that you have to open an app to see the achievements, make it like the Xbox 360 fast and efficient.

Jinger368d ago

Huh? You can just pull them up from the Side dash for the game you're currently playing... if you want to go into other stuff and compare with friends then yes you have to go to another tab.

BackSmatchWash367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Wow, I absolutely hate this idea. Does anyone actually want a fundamental change to achievements?

Achievements work fine as they are, and they've been pretty well refined since being a new concept at the 360's launch. I don't know how they can change it without just being needlessly convoluted. It shouldn't be too bad so long as they're strictly adding stuff and not removing... but if they botch it I'll likely be abandoning Xbox altogether and focusing on Playstation's trophies instead. I know they don't matter to most people but the only real reason I put up with the Xbone at all is that I still enjoy building up my gamerscore and have invested so much time in it already, I think it's still the best achievement system (compared to playstation, steam etc). I'd hate for them to squander that.

Awarding points for play time? Xbox already tracks play time, you can get a perfectly fine reading on someone's habits by looking over their profile, there's no need to butcher the achievements system for that. If you sink several hundred hours into a game the game itself must be rewarding enough.

BackSmatchWash367d ago

Also, based on the first paragraph I want to point out they've already diluted the value of gamerscore quite significantly this gen, there's way more quick and easy 1000G now than in the past and plenty that would give King Kong a run for its money, because nowadays every single game no matter how indie gets the full 1000 points. They used to limit indie games to 200 points and later 400, because generally they have less content and are a much shorter time invested to get all the achievements in.

It makes sense with how AAA and indie games have blurred together, but at the same time when I get 1000G out of a three hour walking sim, in a way I feel like that's just cheapened the value of every other 1000G I've got. The idea that every point of gamerscore should be equally hard to achieve is also ridiculous, but a little bit of regulation wouldn't go astray.

Sorry for going a little off-topic, I just had this rant in me because of the article writer claiming the days of King Kong are "long gone".

Zeref367d ago

I don't think they're gonna change achievements completely. However there will be something ADDED to the achievement system that might change things significantly. They did say that they want to reward gamers based on skill too. Because right now. Someone with 100.000 Gamerscore doesn't necessarily mean that they play better than someone with 10.000 Gamerscore. Maybe there will be a separate thing called lets say "Skillscore", Which filters out achievements that don't require any skill to unlock or something.

shaun mcwayne367d ago

One of the feature I liked about achievements is that you could use the picture as a background for your dash, I always wished developers made some of them better, like posters and artwork instead of a picture of a box with a x50 next to it. I like the star wars battlefront ones I use the boba fett pic. So yeah make achievement pics better especially rare ones so we can display them on our dash.

Specter229367d ago

I use the titanfall 2 ones myself.