Phantom Trigger - Review (Switch) - Handsome Phantom

Handsome Phantom writes... "As described by their team, "Phantom Trigger is a Hardcore Neon Slasher with RPG and Roguelike elements." That's a whole lot of different genres to fit in one game if you ask us."

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EddieNX 339d ago

Theres TOO much stuff I want on Switch atm, I can afford them all its just difficult finishing one before you buy another lol...

Neonridr339d ago

the backlog between my Switch, PS4 and PC is starting to become a struggle.

EddieNX 339d ago

I might have to up my donations to charity so I dont feel like a monster lol. #1stWorld

OtakuDeNoche337d ago

You know.. you just made me realize something here... I've been buying PC parts for my first PC build( ) which is a bit overkill as a first. And I only plan to use for Streaming, not playing actual "games". Maybe Visual Novels/Eroge but that's basically it. But what I am trying to say here is that at some point perhaps I'll be in your place whenever I actually get into PC gaming which we all know will happen with this build.because I too own PS4/Switch and damn trying to complete my backlog of games between those two is a real struggle for me right now. Honestly this Gen going PS4/Switch & PC will be best, or even if you don't have a PC just PS4/Switch is will just beat up your wallet.

CrimsonPheonix337d ago

That character design is awful and tells me the game is not great.