Japanese reporter go to 48 stores to find a Switch, walks away unsuccessful

If you’ve been keeping up with the Switch stock situation, you might be aware as to how crazy things have been in Japan. The supply chain is slowly beginning to improve, but thousands of people continue to line up in hopes of obtaining a system. Japanese morning show Tokudane recently covered the craziness.

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TekoIie214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Pffft. Artificial demand or something... /s

leahcim212d ago

it so obvious and it is the best nintendo´s strategy of all times.

Control the number of peopple until you can give them more than two proper new AAA game.

Smart move.

Erik7357212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Yea if it was artificial demand you wouldn't see units being shipped by plane overseas because the cost of that is so bad.

It's a much smaller company than Sony that is selling huge amounts

The 10th Rider212d ago

Not to mention if they have the stock and they're just withholding it then they would be paying money to store the consoles as well.

houyi111212d ago

eh. Come to Finland, we have it stocked in every shops. Not sure if they can ship them to Japan, but check the online shop as well:, (14 in stock), (25 in stock).

Dalailana212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

The console is selling 100K weekly in japan and still sold out with people lining up. It would take 10 "finland" sized country to fill the demand.

14, 25 in stock LOL LOL LOL LOL

WeAreLegion212d ago

Ship from another country. Got 'em here in 'Murica.

Eltortugagames212d ago

No where around me has them still.

leeeroythe3rd212d ago

Come to america... every best buy and target has them on the shelf

EddieNX 212d ago

It outsold PS4 and xb1 last month and America is huge and most people say its sold out.

rottenpotato212d ago

I'm sure in some areas that may be the case, but not in mine. Where I am, they sell out the day they get restocked, most times within a couple hours of the store opening.

Eltortugagames212d ago

Neither near me does I checked on Tuesday.

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The story is too old to be commented.