Xbox Talks Xbox One X Pre-Order Frustration, Plus YouTube Streaming

Many of you have been wanting to get your Xbox One X pre-order in since E3 2017. Microsoft recently apologized for the delay in those opening up.

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_LarZen_363d ago

Hopefully they announce that pre-orders are open this coming Sunday under the Xbox event at Gamescom. And it would be awesome if we got some news and video on some big Xbox One X enhanced games. I dont expect much more to be honest. Everything beyond that is just a bonus.

andrewsquall363d ago

So any brand new exclusive games to own an Xbone or XboneX for AFTER March 2018 is simply a bonus at this point? Its true, things well and truly are depressing on the Xbox front if THAT is all you expect for the near and distant future.

_LarZen_363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Yeah I have little hopes Microsoft have any big AAA exclusives to announce at Gamescom. Especially since Phil Spencer wont be attending this year. I expect more Xbox One X hardware and pre-order news. And news about big AAA games that take advantage of the machine.

I can understand the traditional console/brand gamer will be disappointed if a game that would be just coming to their plastic box is not announced. I have found the exclusives on the PS4Pro to be good. Some even amazingly good. But I play mostly big AAA multiplatform games. And for that the Xbox One X will be the go to place until the next PlayStation comes along.

And when that happens I'll move over to that...and so on and on...

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Unreal01363d ago


Do you honestly feel like you're not missing out knowing Sony are pumping out so many great exclusives and you don't get any?

Come on man, surely you're not happy with just third party titles alone?

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uptownsoul363d ago


Well if it works for you, I'm happy. But I'm personally glad that 1 company makes sure to release games throughout the year (especially during the 1sh half of the year when multi-plats aren't as plentiful as they are near the latter half of the year)

UnHoly_One363d ago

I don't get the obsession with exclusive games on this site.

I have a PS4, I can play those games if I want.

Why can't I be excited about a new Xbox anyway?

The fact that you guys can also play Shadow of War on your PS4, isn't going to make me enjoy it less on Xbox 1 X.

You want to talk about console sales and how exclusive games factor into that, fine, go have that conversation someplace else. It has nothing to do with THIS conversation, which is about me desperately wanting to pre-order an X1X. lol

DJStotty363d ago

@larzen and anyone else banging the lack of exclusives drum.

from the article :-

"I know I say that a lot on feature requests, but the team will go to that feedback site, look by votes and then look at that related to their own engineering ideas that they have…I encourage anybody that wants any other feature to go up to [the site] and vote those features up. That does directly impact what we do,” Ybarra said.

Microsoft responds very well to its fans’ demand for features and content. Making your voice heard on the feedback site is the best way of spurring change. If you want to know more about it, you can check out the feedback site"

Use this info, if you want to see more exclusives, then get it on the feedback site, here is the link just for you :-

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Bigpappy363d ago

Pay no attention to these clowns. They know very well it is highly unlikely the MS magically delivers more exclusives any time soon..

xX-oldboy-Xx363d ago

These clowns are calling MS out on their lack of commitment to their fans. The company with deepest pockets has the least amount of output, and that's a good thing?

Xbox owners should be disappointed in MS and let them know about it, not give them a free pass.

Everyone remembers how they handled the launch of Xbox one, it was a disaster - looks like history is repeating itself.

DJStotty363d ago

Thats the problem, xbox fans arent letting microsoft know about this, so what does that tell you?

Maybe its not as big a problem for xbox fans than people make it out to be

rainslacker363d ago

and you don't see a problem with MS not delivering on more exclusives any time soon....magically or otherwise?

It's not like this notion of no games is a recent event, MS even addressed it in several E3's where they said how many great exclusives they have coming, and this last E3, they were obviously trying to shift that narrative by throwing up that "Exclusive" thing at the start of almost every trailer.

MS obviously knows what the problem is, but all they can do is talk about how they have something in store for the future. They won't actually show what that is, and given their output the last couple years, I think they are very deserving of the criticism they receive.

If the fans are OK with it that's great, but there are others who aren't, and some of them may be Xbox owners. Since I own both the X1 and PS4, I'd very much like a reason to make my X1 purchase relevant, because multi-plats don't have any relevance to me since they'll play better on my PS4 or PS4P. I'm certainly not going to invest in a X1X when the current consoles are more than adequate for what's releasing and MS has shown no desire to offer much that is unique to the system to make it worth it.

If that makes me a clown, then oh well. I'll put on my giant shoes and red nose and keep spraying MS with that giant water bottle until they actually deliver content that I expected and want for the system. As of now, they can turn that around, but eventually, I'm going to stop caring, and if I stop caring, it's highly likely I'll never give MS another chance in the market. Took them 2-1/2 generations to get me on board, and now they're losing me as a customer fast. While that may not mean much in the grand scheme of things, no company should want to lose customers while they transition to whatever the hell they're trying to transition to....and right now, as far as I can tell, they are trying to transition to a company that doesn't really care about releasing games, and likely just wants the easy revenue provided by 3rd party releases, and whatever GaaS crap they'll eventually come out with.

crazyCoconuts363d ago

Personally, I play a great deal of ps4 exclusives so it's a big deal to me. But honestly if all I had was an Xb1, I'd be really excited about the Xb1x, even if all I got access to was third party titles. There are plenty of reasonably good games to play...

Cy363d ago

Doing it after Gamescom makes sense. Not as good as after E3, but it's still a trade show where they show off games and hardware each year. Shame about the FCC dragging their heels though. Government bureaucracy ruins everything.

yeahright2363d ago

Is it the FCC's fault? What was the issue? Seems strange that only the X1X has had this issue in recent memory. Or is this wide spread and this is just the first time I'm hearing of it?

Ukgamer363d ago

I'm sure someone commented on here that one of the PlayStations had a delay with the FCC. I cant remember it though

yeahright2363d ago

So not widespread but sounds like some sort of hiccup in the system.
That sucks, irritating gamers and potentially costing MS some sales.

ImGumbyDammit363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

@yeahright2 "costing sales" I don't see how. If anybody says that they won't buy because they now have to pre-order the XBOX 2 months out instead of 3 or 4 months was never really serious about to buying this device in the first place.

KickSpinFilter363d ago

FCC stuff was fixed like a month ago

Eonjay363d ago

Microsoft announced that it passed FCC quite some time ago. The wait is actually pretty normal and sometime before the end of September would put it right with Pro preorders. I don't see Microsoft doing anything unusual here.

yeahright2361d ago

@gumby I don't really see the 1X as having a strong enough reason to buy. The more time people have to consider their choice, they may end up going the (in my mind) smarter route of getting two consoles instead, Ie any combo of X1S, PS4 or switch. But again, only some sales, I don't think the majority of 1X preorderers would skip due to second guessing their choice. It's just as hype dies down, some will peel off and use that money elsewhere.

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RegorL363d ago

What really causes delays are

- if product was not finished and sent to review on its allocated timeslot

- if product did not pass and needed a retake, most likely requiring an retest

Neither is FCCs fault...

sk8ofmnd363d ago

Agreed, but there also comes a time when noone cares if its your fault or someone elses... At the end of the day, its still a negative impact.

badz149363d ago

and yet the 360 with over 50% failure rate didn't get delayed. strange....

BeRealisticNow363d ago

They got FCC approval weeks ago, it's something else now

DJStotty363d ago

i think the delay might have been approving the water coolant system and all the other technology differences compared to the other consoles.

rainslacker363d ago

If it was about the FCC, it was MS decision to wait. The actual delay didn't hinder the ability for MS to open up pre-orders. The PS4, OGX1, and even the switch all went up for preorder a month or two before they got FCC approval, so when MS was blaming the FCC, they conviently left out the fact it wasn't necessary for actually starting the pre-orders. It was mostly just assumption that it was required, but it's obviously not.

A simple google search of when pre-orders opened for past consoles, compared to when they got FCC approval would show that there was no valid reason outside of MS wanting this approval before opening the pre-orders. Also, the FCC approval was done with 5 weeks of being submitted. A fact also available through the actual FCC filings. That is typical turn around time, and FCC states approval will take 4-8 weeks so long as no issues arise.

So, where exactly was government bureaucracy dragging it's feet here? MS submitted their application within a reasonable time frame before release, the FCC approved it within a normal window, and it seemed to have gone pretty smoothly since it was approved rather quickly.

MS was just using FCC approval as an excuse to not open pre-orders for whatever reason. Even now, it's been 3 weeks since it was approved, and they're waiting to announce they're open? But why? Given the market for this system is in the hardcore community, a normal press release will serve the same purpose, and likely they had allotment assigned to retailers long ago. We're at the end stretch of manufacturing and distribution, and it's not like MS has any more reason to delay other than to make a big deal about it at some conference to try and generate hype.

sd11362d ago

"Most states have laws which prevent things like that from expiring. Are you sure that what you have will expire? A store credit which was based on some monetary or physical exchange is typically held to the same laws and standards as a gift certificate/card.

In any case, can't you just buy a gift certificate or card with that credit? "

I live outside the US, interestingly gift certificates do expire after 2 years here. As for my store credit, I simplified the reason. Store credit does not expire (to my knowledge), however I traded for a promotion to get 50% more trade in. As the X was not available I traded in for preorders that were part of the promotion. But I do not want the items that my money is on and some are due for release before Xbox X is. So I need to move my trade in money onto the Xbox X before they do release. Its a really weird way to trade it in, but the store worker came up with the idea as a way of getting the promotion applied to Xbox X as we both assumed preorders would open fairly soon.

rainslacker362d ago

Ah, I hadn't considered that. Well, I do hope it works out for you, it would suck to not be able to use it for what you want, although I'd assume you wouldn't let it go to waste.

Good luck!

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As long as I can pre order one I don't care when they open it.

jmetalhead77812363d ago

Exactly... I signed up for an e mail alert from Amazon when pre orders will be available. It's pretty simple. When the pre orders become available is irrelevant to me

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DJStotty363d ago

Im with you as soon as preorders open im ordering even if its a day before launch day

sk8ofmnd363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

It seems all ms does lately is complain, and make excuses. The xb1x should have never been revealed until it could be preordered less than 6 months later. And if youre going to have 2 e3 showings, the 2nd one needed to have preorders opened that day!

Like dang ms you had a whole year to figure stuff out and by not opening up preorders the day of e3 2017 (when hype was at astronomical levels) youve single-handedly soured the launch of your own system. You know things are bad when even xbox fans are complaining.

If preorders dont open up the day of gamescom, things will be utterly cringeworthy. Either this was ms's plan all along or something far more serious... I cant see things magically fixed the day of gamescom... If it is id guess this was their plan all along.


It cant always be someone elses fault.

ImGumbyDammit363d ago

Actually the only one that is always complaining is you. You have a depressing history of negativeness in your comments toward Microsoft.

bigevil1x363d ago ShowReplies(1)
DJStotty363d ago

someones been slapped with the microsoft stick

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