One Year Later: 4 Reasons Why 'Mirror's Edge: Catalyst' Failed

Mirror's Edge offered one of the most unique gaming experiences the industry has ever seen. Unfortunately, its sequel will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

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MatrixxGT364d ago

Been a year already...damn time is flying. I remember this getting mixed reviews but ibe never played either game.

letsa_go364d ago

1 Reason: Anita Sarkeesian

Activemessiah364d ago

Was just about to say that...

TWB363d ago

Well, EA did deny her involvement, but I really doubt even if she was screwing around, she would have affected the gameplay and world design. I really doubt they would have allowed her to get anywhere near the gameplay and world designing aspects.

Otherwise... good grief

Warshade364d ago

Because first person platforming is just not fun.

DarkKaine364d ago

Then please explain me why in counterstrike people love to run maps where you climb your way to the top or bunny hop across platforms.

Lord_Sloth364d ago

Better vantage points? Counter Strike's main selling point isn't the platforming, it's shooting people.

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The story is too old to be commented.