Final Fantasy XIV Subscribers at "Record High;" Final Fantasy XII TZA Sales "Brisk" Since Launch

Both Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and FInal Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age are doing well, according to Square Enix.

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PhoenixUp366d ago

Thank you Square Enix for finally rereleasing FFXII

_-EDMIX-_364d ago

That remaster was a easy call. I remember telling my friend to hold out for it before they announced it knowing how Square makes remasters and all lol

FFXII is a underrated gem! The game play in that game is just flawless!

PhoenixUp364d ago

A game that sells 6+ million and scores 92 on Metacritic, which is more than most other PS2 games, can't be considered underrated

FallenAngel1984366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

FFXV continues receiving more new content, FFXIV remains one of the most popular contemporary MMOs, FFXII gets even more vindication from the industry, we continue to wait for more news on FFVII Remake while Dissidia NT & Kingdom Hearts 3 crawl closer to release.

zacfoldor365d ago

You know what's great. Competition. I've been a serious wow player since launch, and I've also played a good bit of XIV. Both great games, and I love to hear when either one of them is doing well. May not be for the true ADD crowd, but for the OCD crowd, mmo's are perfect.

On FFXII, was a huge fan of the original and I must say that the re-release has been one of the best remastered of any game that I've played. You can tell it was done with love and care, and it really shows in the final product. To the extent that people who hated XII might actually enjoy the remaster, thanks to the pacing, difficulty, system, and rom like changes made to the game.

These two plus Nier(not counting how awesome the new tomb raider games are) make it seem like Square is really on a roll lately.

GameBoyColor365d ago

I love ffxiv but don't have much time for it now. So i had to regretfully cancel my sub and spend that money on packs for shadowverse instead :(

3-4-5365d ago

I picked up the triple pack for FF14 on my PS4 and played it every day for a month.

Enjoyed it a lot, as I hadn't really played an MMO since WoW back in 2004-2007. I haven't played in a month though because my mind is 100% on Destiny 2 and I can't even get into any other games at the moment aside from Fifa 17 a little bit.

Playing FF14 really got me back into the mood for MMO's and made me instantly want Destiny 2 that much more.

It was like a light switch went off...

I'll get back to FF14 in 2018 but what I played so far was really fun.

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