Dragon Quest XI Sales Stronger on PS4 than on 3DS According to Square Enix

Looks like Dragon Quest XI debuted with stronger sales on PS4 than on 3DS, after all.

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FallenAngel1984363d ago

Holy crap that was unexpected

PhoenixUp363d ago

Tell me about it. Idk how DQXI is on track to sell on the low end of Square Enix's sales target.

Then again they are the same publisher that got disappointed when Tomb Raider '13 "only" sold 3.4 million in its first month.

naruga363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

the one (PS4 version) is one hell of a AAA game with brilliant graphics , story , mechanics, production and the other is just a polygonal 3 -gen- behind game .....obviously PS4 would take over the idiotic 3DS (because i dont know for what reason they created 2 different versions...with one being absolute stellar and the other a mediocre DS rpg)

PhoenixUp363d ago

Square Enix made the 3DS version for more sales and because they could 😑 How is that not obvious

And the 3DS version isn't mediocre

andrewsquall363d ago

@naruga And yet that is what Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter have been over the last 10 years i.e. 2 or 3 gen behind games that only released on portable consoles and they are 2 of the biggest selling franchises in the region.
Then people always try to say "console gaming is dead in Japan" when these 2 game series and their choice of platform was simply what "killed it".

@PhoenixUp Imagine if the portable Nintendo console version was the only version of the game, think how terrible that would be and how many of us would simply never check out the game ever.......................... ... oh wait.

nX363d ago

Well I don't see how this is unexpected, anyone with the choice between PS4 and 3DS version choosing the 3DS version must be stupid.

PhoenixUp363d ago

@ andrew

Didn't stop DQIX from outselling DQVIII

@ nx

Idk how that would be the case. Many people opted to buy the 3DS version of SSB4 over the Wii U version.

Everybody can be allowed to prefer whatever version of a game.

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kalkano363d ago

Not for all of us. I predicted it years ago, while people told me how insane I was.

nX363d ago

It's actually a shame a 3DS version exists, who knows in which way it held back development of the game itself.

kalkano363d ago

@nX: In zero ways. They are two completely separate pieces of software.

FallenAngel1984363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

@ andrew

Except DQIX is currently the best selling title in the franchise, and it's exclusively on DS...

@ nx

People can be allowed to choose whatever version they want that best suits them. Not to mention there's a large audience who loves Dragon Quest on 3DS

You've got to be deranged to think the 3DS version held back the PS4 version, especially when they were developed by different studios and have vastly different mechanics.

Chevalier363d ago

Nothing against the 3DS, but, skipping the PS3 was a shame considering how good ViiI was on the PS2, I for one am glad we finally get a good looking console release again for the PS4.

FallenAngel1984363d ago

Guess they chose DS cuz it had it had the greatest install base at the time when DQIX started development in 2006.

Dragon Quest games always released on the best selling platform in Japan at the time.

_-EDMIX-_362d ago

I mean sure, that doesn't really answer why the skipped even a PS3 port of that game.

FallenAngel1984362d ago

Square Enix never gave a reason, they decided to just put DQ on a handheld just like they did with the KH series at the time

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PhoenixUp363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Looks like a like of people are going to be eating lot of crow.

Don't underestimate digital sales on PSN compared to eShop.

blackblades363d ago

Im confused about the 1st part of what you said but yeah I agree on the 2nd part.

PhoenixUp363d ago

A lot of people were saying the 3DS version would easily outsell the PS4 version and were boasting when Famitsu and Media Crate revealed the physical software sales numbers.

Now this piece of nde reveals they put their foots in their mouths.

Gardenia363d ago

Just wait for the release it the west

_-EDMIX-_362d ago


Many said some bold things when those numbers originally came up.

Forgetting that PSN destroys anything on 3DS in terms of distribution.

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Servbot41363d ago

Because the 3DS is old as dirt and most handheld gamers in Japan moved on to the Vita or the Switch. People don't want to play new games on six year old hardware and are only doing so because that's all they have.

FarEastOrient363d ago

They didn't move to Vita or Switch, they moved to their cellphones.

Prince_TFK363d ago

Amd play all those crappy free to play games.

InTheZoneAC363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

I play my 3ds with no desire for mobile or switch games... and when this releases in the US I'm buying it day 1 for ps4

ILostMyMind363d ago

Of course. The 3DS is an old machine. And yes, the graphics count when you have a choice, since 3DS has always been a second (or third) console for its owners.

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