Atari partners with LGBT dating app maker

Atari partners with LGBT Media to better promote 'Pridefest'.

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kingarthur474734d ago

I was interested in the Atari Box, but I don't care anything about it, now.

Eonjay34d ago

LOL! That was easy. Its actually not related to Atari Box but I understand how some people have been programmed to shut down when they hear something like this.

Nodoze34d ago

Yeah WE are the ones who are programmed. HAHA. This is all totally 'normal' right? Shouldn't you be out pulling down monuments or some other such nonsense? Don't want your safe space getting too cramped.

81BX34d ago

Lol I don't care about LGBT but c'mon guy!?!? Did you even try to read It?

BlindGuyMcSqueazy34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It's Adam and Eve not Adam and Pacman

Becuzisaid34d ago

I laughed waaaay more at this than I should have!

zb1ftw77734d ago (Edited 34d ago )


More political nonsense.

Atari just went off the radar completely for me.

Unless they specifically meet my equality needs and do something to promote heterosexuality too, i think I'll avoid them.

Goldby34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Go outside and look at any add, boom there's your support for heterosexuality.

zb1ftw77734d ago

What a strange response.

I don't want to look at adverts either thanks.

Nodoze34d ago

F you Atari. You just lost me.

I am not supporting companies that make political stands. I will grab some popcorn and see how well this sells for you. I love how companies now want to release products aligned to less than 2% of the buying audience. Guess has CONSEQUENCES. The other 98% are getting sick of this CRAP.