EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Goes Cross-Platform Is This A Bad Sign For VR?

Should all VR games be cross platform?

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freshslicepizza246d ago

It shows that VR is still only aimed at a small group of people so to maximize revenue they needed to do this. To me this is a bad sign for games that should be designed around VR.

TankCrossing246d ago

It isn't so much about maximising revenue. They're struggling to support multiplayer across a relatively small playerbase that have already bought the game. This is one of the more successful VR games, so you can imagine how hard it is for others trying to deliver viable multiplayer VR games.

Cross-platform is a good thing anyway. Long may it continue.

freshslicepizza246d ago

Agreed, maybe if Sony allowed it games like Titanfall 2 would be a lot easier to find matches. So the question is will Sony continue its hard stance when Microsoft enters VR on the Xbox and block crossplay?