Does the Switch Need the Support of EA?

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

EA is one of the biggest third-party companies in the gaming industry. If it abandons the Nintendo Switch, how would it affect the system?

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freshslicepizza367d ago

It may not need it but it certianly doesn't hurt to have more selection.

Foraoise367d ago

@moldybreak; that's not what this is about.

cleft5367d ago

No, but it would be good to get as many people on board as possible. All the same, no one is buying a Switch to play an EA game only.

Neonridr367d ago

while it doesn't *need* it, it will definitely help the public image of the Switch. If Nintendo starts getting some of the larger EA brands and it's not just simply Madden and FIFA, then sales of the machine aren't going to suffer as a result.

More support = more appeal at the end of the day.

PhoenixUp367d ago

It'd be great if NS could get as much third party support as it can

wonderfulmonkeyman367d ago

It needs something other than the mainstream offerings from EA, as well as other third parties.

Mainstream offerings being there is fine and all, but the majority of the fanbases for those titles are already set on other systems, and won't get a Switch for them.
If EA and the others want to make an install base for themselves with Nintendo fans, they need to start releasing core-gamer-minded games, other than their mainstream stuff, on the Switch.
Whether those new games are exclusives or multiplats, they should be designed with the Switch in mind; once they've done that, if they make said games attractive enough, maybe more gamers that aren't into Nintendo consoles will come around to becoming multi-console owners as well.

As things stand right now, they aren't going to be doing anyone any favors by releasing late ports everywhere.
Much as I love Skyrim and much as I hope it sells well to the Switch crowd, who by and large love action-adventure games, even I have to recognize that that's probably not what's going to move the Switch further into the spotlight.
Nor will games like FIFA and CoD.

ocelot07367d ago

Nope well it will only benefit Nintendo if EA keep supporting them. However, I think there is still a risk of some devs dropping support if sales are bad of there games like the Wii U.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory367d ago

EA has never helped any Nintendo system.

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The story is too old to be commented.