How Do We Determine When HD Remasters are "Worth It?"

Today's Okami HD remaster news and the recent Shadow of the Colossus remaster announcement bring an old topic back into the light.

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derkasan193d ago

I'm all for remasters as long as they're done well. The MGS HD Collection was stellar.

brando008193d ago

Well I can definitively say that Okami HD was glorious. Imagine a game that plays like a living and breathing painting, now vastly improved with sharper and bolder colours. Bigger collections have the added benefit of tying multiple stories and experiences into one narrative.

FallenAngel1984193d ago

Every rerelease is worth it to the people it appeals to

PhoenixUp193d ago

What recent Shadow of the Colossus remaster? The game got remastered 7 years ago on PS3.

There is a upcoming Shadow of the Colossus remake if that's what you're talking about.

People really need to understand the basic differences between remakes and remasters and not group them all under one term in the rerelease umbrella.

freshslicepizza193d ago

What's the difference? The game is the same.

PhoenixUp193d ago

Seriously? 😒

A remake of a title starts from scratch and uses new assets built from the ground up which requires more work.

A remaster of a title takes the existing assets and just increases the resolution and possibly framerate.

How do you not know something so basic? Do you think remakes & remasters of movies are the same thing too?

FinalFantasyFanatic193d ago

God, it stuffs me how some people don't realize the difference between the two...

cooperdnizzle193d ago

I couldn't agree more. It still baffles me to this day that most people do not understand the difference.

I'm for both but would love to see some more remakes. MGS1, MGS3, Eternal darkness, Silent Hill 2, and Clock Tower, just to name a few

WilliamSheridan193d ago

If it's using the same engine and just adding updated 3D models, that hardly counts as being a true remake. Shadow is a very well done remaster.

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Nu193d ago

Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen is a great example of this!

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The story is too old to be commented.