Should The Last Of Us Quit While It’s Ahead?

Pixel Crashers contributor and self affirmed TLOU super-fan Mike tells us why The Last Of Us is still his favourite game of all time, and why he's so nervous about the follow up to this global Naughty Dog hit.

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Gamist2dot0281d ago

I have trust in ND. Will Part 2 match or exceed 1? Maybe.
Uncharted could have ended without a sequel, but UC2 turned out to be a huge hit, even turned me and some friends to game on PS3 when COD and Xbox LIve was our primary place.
So, I wouldn't be nervous. If anything, I wouldn't put so much hype into it so that when the game releases, I can sit back and enjoy the game without so many expectations.

OB1Biker281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

I agree there's no need to have so huge expectations.
The way I see it is ND felt Part II is needed and will bring a new perspective on the first game (and different gameplay mechanics) . Let them deliver what they do best with their own visions.
Also I think it would be silly to expect the same level of exposition. The background and characters were introduced wonderfully in Part I. Can't do that twice
Edit. I mean I don't really have expectation but rather certainties that ND will deliver a game I will love playing and that will make me think about long after I reach the ending. I don't feel the need to compare with Part I. It's more great stuff, not a competition.

rainslacker280d ago

Interesting point of view.

The first game had a slow growth of the characters over the course of the entire game, which led to a simple, and understated ending.

It'll be interesting to see if they can match that same level of story telling and emotion with already established characters we already care about and have expectations of. Ellie in this game is obviously older, and as such, her story is going to be different, yet Joel's story was pretty much wrapped up with his eventual redemption, so how do you build on that without just having some sort of cliched father figure doing something expected due to whatever circumstances the game puts the characters in.

OB1Biker280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Yes like you said things will be different with Ellie. Not only she's older (and so is Joel) but the game is from her perspective while part I was from Joel s perspective even if a few bits were from ellie s. I do hope we get a better understanding (or a not too neutral take from ND) and no doubt an interesting take on Joel too from her point of view as she goes 'bad' like about everything in that world (no 'redemption' but more like something more brutal?)
I think the 'bad' guys will be more fleshed out with an even blurred line between good and evil. It's still not clear what part the actress from Westworld will play but I hope we get to play from her point of view too. Of course playing as Joel is still on the table too :)

Eonjay280d ago

TLOU was so good, naturally people wonder if they can reproduce that feeling. I'm not worried, as it is just a waste of time worrying about something like this. Also, what made it so contentous was the ending which is still a matter of debate. The problem with a TLOU is that it is so well done, that just about everything else pales in comparison. It leaves you wanting more from other studios.

FinalFantasyFanatic280d ago

Considering their work on the uncharted series, I'm pretty sure it's in safe hands, I've never played a bad uncharted game.

FallenAngel1984281d ago

What? Naughty Dog sequels are always vastly superior than the original title

AspiringProGenji281d ago

Except Jak 2 which was very divisive, but other than that every other has been vastly superior like you said. ND has earned the trust!

andrewsquall280d ago

Jak 2 is still my FAVOURITE ND game of all time. ^_^

FallenAngel1984281d ago

Jak II offered a whole game experience that is completely revamped for the better, but just about everything else, be it technical, length, gameplay or story wise, was as well.

andrewsquall280d ago

The same can be said about lots of game series and their first sequel but not necessarily the 3rd game and beyond though. Gears 2, Uncharted 2, Syphon Filter 2, Tomb Raider 2, Crash Bandicoot 2, Jak 2, Onimusha 2, Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 2, lol scratch that last one and just leave the first game as the only one that needed to exist.

ninsigma281d ago

There's definitely a case for leaving the game alone as a standalone hard hitting masterpiece and I honestly would have been fine with that. However, a sequal is coming and I'm still very excited for it. ND haven't let me down since I properly got into their games with the Jak and Daxter series. If one really feels it should be a one and done, they can always not play the 2nd, but they'd probably be missing out on what is sure to be another gripping adventure.

InKnight7s280d ago

Developing games was difficult back then but littile details and almost any movie, cartoon or anime have its own games in different shapes and contents ( portable and console ) games now more series to develop and require much effort thats why now almost no game is left as standalone. Its hard to get attention and create big fans by just releasing single new IP.

babadivad280d ago

I'm more nervous of the FLCL sequels. ND knows what they're doing.

shinoff2183281d ago

Naughty Dogs will kill it, theyve always done good in my book

Summons75280d ago

Considering the first thing they said was that they wouldn't have made the sequel unless they were 100% sure it was the right story to follow the first. So I'm pretty sure they are fine.

andrewsquall280d ago

Yes, exactly, the author clearly missed that part right after the reveal when Neil said at a panel exactly what you said.

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