Nintendo Switch Available at GameStop Tomorrow; Really Wants Your PS4, Xbox One and More for it

GameStop announces that it'll have new Nintendo Switch units available to purchase in stores on August 15th, with a special promotion offering more if you trade in your older consoles.

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superchiller278d ago

Or don't, and just save your money for PS4 and XBox One games and consoles.

3-4-5278d ago

or get both if possible.

They are all worth owning.

Most gamestops will get like 10 Switches....give or take a few depending on how much sales your local store pulls in.

They sell out sometimes right away but within the first 4-5 hours is what the workers at Gamestop told me.

indyman77278d ago

Wow awesome. Still glade I had mine paid off because launch. People had better get one while they can. This is only valid until August 20th that is only a five day window.

On a side note I think they must be getting a good profit from the SWITCH in order to be only offering a extra $50 dollars trade in only for a SWITCH. If that was not the case they would be able to give a extra $50 regaurdless of what you buy with the trade in.

FallenAngel1984279d ago

Gamestop will never get my PS4 for a Switch

porkChop278d ago

Yeah, as much as I love my Switch I wouldn't trade a PS4 for it. The Switch works best as a secondary console.

MetroidFREAK21278d ago

Agreed. It plays 2nd fiddle to my Xbox One.

EddieNX 278d ago

My XB1 plays second fiddle to my Switch atm, way more exciting exclusives.

Istolla278d ago

Primary console for me.

wonderfulmonkeyman278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

If I were upgrading to a Pro or didn't have a Switch already, I'd consider it.

But in all honesty, I'd much rather just keep the PS4 and get the Switch anyways. I'll need that PS4 for when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, after all, unless Squeenix and Nintendo pull a fast one by announcing a Switch version due out next year.

indyman77278d ago

I think you hit it dead on the head. Since I was upgrading my PS4 to a PS4 Pro I bought the ps4 pro did a transfer played a few days. Once I had my PS4 pro in the spot of the PS4 I then traded my PS4 in for a SWITCH(towards pre paid) that way I was not without a PS4 for even a day and had my SWITCH taken care of. I kinda did the same with my xbox one for a xbox one forza edition.

GordonKnight277d ago

I wish I could get that deal trading in my PS4 for the pro

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Majin-vegeta278d ago

No thanks my PS4 is worth more

Gemmol278d ago

it says its only worth 200, for both ps4 and ps4 pro, how is it worth more than 300 dollar switch

EddieNX 278d ago

Its not, don't argue with Sony fans, they are ALWAYS right even when theyre wrong.

Aenea278d ago

Well since the Pro is being sold for far more than the regular PS4 it's really rather weird that they equate them both to $200.

But, I don't think he was talking about actual trade-in worth but the worth to him personally.
For me, if I had to choose to trade-in one of the two, my PS4 Pro or my Switch, I would trade-in the Switch since I have far more games for my Pro and thus it's worth more to me...


Yeah, and am sure you're never wrong huh?

Razzer278d ago

Trade in value is not the same as worth.

BLAKHOODe278d ago

And how much do you think Gamestop would say a USED Nintendo Switch is worth?

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masterfox278d ago

go go people trade in your best console for a gameless low spec gaming handheld device!

Erik7357278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

With somehow a higher rated exclusive to play on it

LastCenturyRob278d ago

Why bother trolling? Seriously, child, go back to bed.

blu3_puls3278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Nah I'm keeping my PS4 thank you very much. Knowing how Gamestop is they will probably offer you $150 for the PS4 or Xbox One which is a rip off.

Gemmol278d ago

read article, it gives 200 for ps4 or ps4 pro towards the Switch

blu3_puls3278d ago

Well color me surprised. Still though, I don't see many people trading in their PS4 for a Switch.

indyman77278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Yeah read article GEMMOL is right. If you use towards a SWITCH it is 200. If it is NOT used towards SWITCH it is 150. It is a good deal if you was planing to get a SWITCH and upgrading your PS4 to a PS4 PRO. The trade in worth goes down as time goes by.

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